Digital Nomad Events happening in 2019

Most of you reading this will have a rough idea of the countries you want to visit this year, but have you factored in those digital nomad events? Let’s have a look to see what amazing events are being put on by our amazing nomad friends across the globe!

Nomad Cruise 8 - European Edition - April 2019

Nomad Cruise is bigger than ever and back with a European Edition in April! With 6 destinations across 7 days, you can look forward to an incredible time of skill sharing, networking and fun all rolled into one, neat, cruise-lining package. Tickets are on sale now and all the different packages available are there too. For more details on this amazing event, head over to the website.

DNX Digital Nomad Conference - Berlin - June 2019

For all our German speaking gang, the DNX Festival is going to be hitting Berlin in June this year. As it is one of the biggest Nomad festivals, it is guaranteed to add a tonne of value to your current digital nomad lifestyle. If you can’t speak German fluently yet, don’t you worry yourself; dates for the English speaking conference will be released soon. Alternatively you could look into going on a DNX Camp at some point this year. All details can be found on the website.

Running Remote - Bali - June 2019

Hailing as the world’s largest remote work event, Running Remote is a conference in Bali aimed at founders and remote workers across the globe, who are looking to build a solid team remotely. Packed with information and hosted in a stunning setting, this conference will run from 29-30 June! All information including pricing can be found on the website.

Nomad Train - Russia - Mongolia - September 2019

We featured these guys in our list last year and we are pleased to report that the two week trip across the trans-Siberian network is back! The Nomad Train gang will be going in September this year but if those dates don’t work for you, then it looks like they’re offering tailor-made packages instead. So why not get a group of friends together and get the Nomad Train team to sort you out! Also they’ve put together a really fab digital nomad guide to Russia - you only have to put your email address in to download.

Rebel + Connect Summit - Croatia - September 2019

New to our list this year but  looking amazing, is the Rebel + Connect Remote Leadership Summit. This summit has been designed to help managers of remote teams get the skills, tools and inspiration they need to run teams that produce great work. Rebel + Connect run retreats all year round for companies with remote teams, but their annual summit is the place to be to network with remote team managers from across the globe and connect with industry remote team leaders. More information can be found on their website.

Picture Courtesy of  Rebel and Connect

Picture Courtesy of Rebel and Connect

7in7 Conference - New Zealand - October 2019 you’ve got no excuse - the 7in7 Conference team are going to be kicking butt in New Zealand this year! What an amazing setting! Once again, we featured these guys on our list last year and they are back in action, continuing the mission to have a digital nomad conference on every continent on the globe. Watch the video below for a recap of the last three years!

“Invest like a Boss” Summit - Las Vegas - October 2019

Creator of the super popular Nomad Summit in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Johnny is going for bigger and better in Vegas for his second massive event this year. Talking about all things investing, you’re sure to have the time of your life at this summit. Register your interest on Facebook and make sure you keep an eye open for updates!

Picture Courtesy of  Invest Like A Boss

Picture Courtesy of Invest Like A Boss

The Virtual Working Summit - Worldwide - October 2019

Can’t get to a physical conference? The Virtual Working Summit might end up being the event for you! It’s all run completely remotely so you essentially just need to log yourself in from wherever you are. Very cool concept. The conference spans over a few days and there will be different speakers talking about all sorts different topics around remote work and running remote teams. Register for more details as they come up!

Nomad City - Las Palmas - November 2019

For those of you out there who want the Nomad Cruise experience combined with being on land, get ready to experience another Nomad City event in November. Nomad City are going to be taking over Gran Canaria from the 7th-9th November. Early bird tickets are now available to purchase and you can find more details on the website. What is also really cool, is that you can rent all of last year’s keynotes for $49. Great if you want to know what went down last year!


Nomad Misfit Month - Berlin - June 2019

Bit of an interesting event - this will be a great one for those of you looking to get off the beaten track and enjoy an event with a more freeform kind of feel. New on the scene and ready to kick off in June of this year, the Nomad Misfits month long event in Berlin is the brainchild of a lovely digital nomad called Nicole, an American expat who’s been loving Germany since 2011. The website says that early bird tickets are still available so if you’re interested, get in there quick. The real focus here is on building a lasting community. Check it out and see what you think!

So there you have it! A brief rundown of all the extra conferences you can pack into your year to really get the most out of 2019! Are there any events we’ve missed? Leave them in the comments below so we can all check them out!