Tribe Spotlight: JJ Ruescas (DevOps)

Tribe Spotlight: JJ Ruescas (DevOps)

Each month, WiFi Tribe encounters a new set of digital nomads ready to explore and get to know each other, creating our own little community. The diversity that makes up each tribe is always incredible with people from all over the world, working in virtually every profession that allows them to work remotely. Since we come across so many interesting people through our travels, we wanted take a closer look into one of our past tribe members and see how he makes it work in his favor.

Where Are We Now? WiFi Tribe Takes Argentina!

We’ve just arrived this past weekend, added some new faces to the tribe and have already begun to fall in love with this giant city!

Over the last couple of days, we have taken advantage of the Argentinian culture, sightseeing some of the most beautiful spots, participating in the local dance of Tango and satisfying our taste buds with savory steak. Check out what we have seen so far: