Cool Digital Nomad Experiences happening in 2018

The remote working lifestyle gives plenty of opportunity to travel and experience so many awesome things. But, whilst we all agree that sharing your journey with others is definitely worthwhile, we are all different and we may only be able to fit in a shorter adventure; perhaps you work from home and you can travel, but it can’t be for 6 months at a time, or you are just starting out as a digital nomad and you don’t want to commit to something as intense as 4-6 weeks with WiFi Tribe or 4-12 months with Remote Year. So with that in mind, we’ve collated some of the coolest experiences for digital nomads out there in 2018 which shorter events but still incredible!

Nomad Cruise

Nomad Cruise is a fantastic event for digital nomads; it’s an all inclusive workation on a cruise liner. Firstly, the team pick a beautiful region of the world to sail through. Secondly, the team gather together some of the brightest minds from the remote working community to give talks that will add value to your businesses and your general remote working experience. There is an abundance of meetups, workshops, non-work related experiences - it's the whole package and a super fun way to spend two weeks of your life. The sense of community is a huge part of why this works; catch up with old friends, make new friends, and get recharged in an environment where everybody is inspired to live their best lives. Quite a few WiFi Tribe members have been on this trip and have said how brilliant it is so we urge you to check out the website and see if there are any places available for their upcoming voyage. Check out all the finer details here and be quick about it; they are due to set sail very soon!

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Don’t fancy a travelling on a boat but still want a brilliant time? Nomad Cruise have collaborated with Nomad City to bring the same high quality workation on land in Gran Canaria. Started in 2016, Nomad City is a chance to explore this beautiful part of the world, without sacrificing all the digital nomad creature comforts, like beach and fast internet speeds. Dates for 2018 are yet to be released so do keep your eyes peeled for those. Find all the details, pictures and videos of last years conference here.

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Nomad Train

Keeping in line with the 'Nomad' theme, you have Nomad Train. For any of you digital nomads out there who are keen to experience Russia in a 15 day trip, this is the nomad experience for you. You’ll be travelling across the country with 30 other digital nomads on the Trans-Siberian railway network, stopping off at various locations to enjoy all the various local delights. Nomad Train are very new, but after the roaring success of their trip last year they now have two trips planned in 2018 - one in May from Vladivstok to Moscow, and one in September from Moscow to Ulaanblaater. It’s a small, intimate group and I don’t know how you wouldn’t make friends for life after spending 15 days travelling with people on the train. We’d definitely recommend checking it out; find all the details you need here.

DNX Festival - Lisbon (September 2018)

The DNX Festival is described as being THE mega festival for digital nomads looking to take their businesses and the cultivation of a holistic lifestyle to the next level. Founded by Marcus Meurer and Felicia Hargarten, this festival started back in 2012 and gets bigger every year. It lasts only for a weekend so it’ll be an intense experience with plenty of speakers, and a huge, inspiring community. We’d highly recommend it. For details and ticket purchases check out the website; they currently have some early bird tickets available for very reasonable prices.

7in7 Conference - (October 2018)

The 7in7 Digital Nomad Conference is a conference for established digital nomads who have been living this lifestyle for at least one year. The ethos behind it is that in 7 years, they will be doing a conference on EVERY continent in the world, including Antarctica. Now they are two down with five to go. There's a beautiful sense of 'girl power' at this conference with a majority of the speakers and organisers being female. Having said this, the conference is inclusive and it looks incredible. Early bird tickets are currently on sale right now, check that out here to book your slot.

So there you have it! We hope you enjoy our short list of events that’ll give you that quick boost and allow you to connect with other parts of the remote working community. If there are any of your favourite events that have not been mentioned please be sure to put those in the comments below with links. Don’t miss out!