Ideal Stocking Fillers for Digital Nomads

"Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la laa, la la la laah, nomads would love travel money, fa la la la laah, la la la laah..."

Hello everyone, we really hope that by now you are feeling the wonderment of the coming festive season! Just flying in with a short post about some ideal stocking filler items that you can still order now and get delivered in time for Christmas. All of these should come in at around $20 and under so there will be no bank breaking here unless you buy them all.

All products listed will have corresponding Amazon links (affiliate) which means if you're running as late as I am, you can order right up until the day before Christmas life on the EDGE! So without further ado, lets get cracking! (all puns intended...) 

1. Cable Ties

Sounds odd to start with these, but I have destroyed countless headphone wires and USB cables because I don't store them properly. I have also found myself to be working hard like a busy bee and then I look at my desk and it's like BAM! Nest of wires.

These bad boys help a human being get themselves organised. Hey...sounds completely nerdy buy don't knock it till you've tried it. They're cheap, they're cheerful AND they also come in a range of may thank us later!


2. Travel Journal

What a lovely, thoughtful gift perfect for the nomads out there that love to document their journeys and adventures across the globe. This one is pretty snazzy and we love it but there are SO many to choose from. Lovely gift and plenty of scope to spend a little or spend a lot. 

3. Soft Water Bottle - Platypus

Practical and awesome. This cheeky little stocking filler will help a digital nomad stay hydrated on their travels and mountain treks. It is at a good price point and it's one of those things that gets overlooked but it is incredibly useful. I feel as though, mothers everywhere would be happy to purchase this for you. I'm Jamaican, so my Mum burnt my stocking long ago or packed it underground (love you forever Mum). But if your Mum is still nice to you and you get a stocking even though you are an adult, let her know about this. Her baby needs to stay hydrated right?

4. Mountie!

This cutie little smartphone mount is a wonderful little accessory and a great stocking filler. Coming in at under $20 (at present). What it does is act as a second display for a your laptop screen - so you now do not have to compromise when you want to use FaceTime and mock up your latest design. Pretty cool. Check it out and see what you think.

5. Universal Travel Adaptor

This little guy made a feature in our Top 5 gadgets article. Pretty self explanatory and fits nicely in a Christmas Stocking fit for any Diginomad Royalty! 


6. Travel Passport and Document Holder

This highly useful item will help you keep all your official documents together and hopefully keep you out of trouble whilst travelling abroad. This comes in a wide range of colours and is a lovely addition to any stocking for budding and seasoned nomads alike. We love them and they combine style and function very well. This one is a bit girly so for the guys check out this one.

There's a few ideas there to consider; leave your comments below with any suggestions of things we've missed! Our next post will pick out some pricier items that we've got our eyes on so look out for that coming very soon.

Best wishes,

Wifi Tribe...