How to access lower prices on all your Chapters!

We know we’re a bunch of dreamers. Bringing together incredible humans and making those travel ambitions a reality for Tribers is our happy place. And that’s where member savings come in! Our savings are designed to help new members access lower overall Chapter costs and make long-term travel with the Tribe more sustainable.

Want to make the most of latest member savings? On this page, we'll show you how.

Want to make the most of our Member Saving Perks? On this page you’ll find out how!

Okay. Let's break it down.

First things first, our Chapter prices go down based on two main things:

1. Chapter Savings

As you complete Chapters one by one, you unlock lower Chapter costs (aka Nomad, Citizen and Veteran pricing).

2. Deposit Bundles

You can pre-purchase multiple deposits, which gives you access to Nomad, Citizen and Veteran Chapter savings instantly!

Chapter Savings

Our Tribe has four membership circles: Member, Nomad, Citizen and Veteran. You'll start as a Member and become a Nomad, Citizen and Veteran as you join more Chapters. 

And with each new circle, you unlock more savings on all your future Chapters (plus, Colives + Unplugged adventures!).

On each Chapter page, once our accommodation is finalised, you will see the Chapter costs and subsequent savings broken down into these different circles.

Good news! We've also just jumped up our Citizen and Veteran savings (see in image). So as you enter these circles, you'll have access to the new savings. The new savings will kick in for all Chapters from 17 April 2023 (plus  Medellin & Goa Chapters in February).

Psst. There's  a way to skip ahead on circle prices faster. See below...

Deposit Bundles

If you are a new member and would like to fast-track your access to the same pricing as Tribers who have ticked off 3 or even 7 chapters, here’s how:

By bundling  your deposits together you can jump ahead to access Nomad, Citizen, and Veteran circle prices right away.

Each time you book a spot on a Chapter, you'll need to put down $300 as a deposit. BUT when you purchase a bundle of 3, 5 or 7 deposits ahead of time, you instantly access the lowered prices that seasoned Tribers get.

Plus, because we've  just increased our savings, with a 5 or 7 deposit bundle, you'll get direct access to the jumped up savings on Chapters (see in image).

When do deposits expire? 

The great thing is, deposits don't expire if you have an active membership, so it's OK to dream big and take advantage of the savings. Plus, with our experience guarantee for new members, if you’re new to the Tribe you can downgrade your deposit bundle anytime up to two weeks after attending your 1st Chapter.

We do this because we don’t want anyone to feel “locked into” more trips with our community if it doesn’t feel like the magical fit they were hoping for. It’s simply better for everyone because this way, we can ensure that all members who are a part of it, are here wholeheartedly and for all the right reasons.

How do I purchase a bundle?

First, have a think about what makes the most sense for you in terms of your travel plans for the next 12 - 24 months. And once you’ve decided, here are two simple ways to get your deposits set up:

  1. Shoot an email to the team at hello@wifitribe.co and let us know which bundle you’d like to get. 
  2. You can also select a deposit bundle when you are officially booking a chapter on the booking form.  

After that, we’ll work our magic and send you a link to set up the deposits showing you how much is due right now, depending on what bundle you chose: 

  • Bundle of 3 x $300 deposits = $900  
  • Bundle of 5 x $300 deposits = $1,500 
  • Bundle of 7 x $300 deposits = $2,100

From there, you can book a Chapter using one of your deposits like so:

Do I lose my deposit if I cancel a trip?

It's best to have a read of our latest Chapter Payment & Cancellation Policy for the nitty gritty details.

Remember, you'll always have 48 hours to cancel after booking (like a 24h flight cancellation policy) and get your deposit back for a future trip . You also get one free cancellation per year of membership – meaning you'll get your deposit back as long as you let us know before the 8-week mark.


Get all your questions answered!

Does the $300 deposit count towards my Chapter price?

Yes, the deposit will be applied when you book a Chapter and effectively take $300 off of the final price you will pay to complete the booking.

If I don't buy deposits in bulk, can I still unlock new savings as I join Chapters?

You sure can! If you prefer to do Chapters one by one, starting as a Member (on your 1st and 2nd Chapter) you can move towards unlocking Chapter savings: Nomad (3rd Chapter), Citizen (5th Chapter) and Veteran (7th Chapter and beyond) - see the Chapter Savings image for break-down.

And if you've already completed a bunch of Chapters, there's no need to purchase additional deposits upfront. You’ve likely already unlocked all the savings just based on your past travels with Tribe.

How long are deposit bundles valid for (when do they expire)?

As long as you have an active membership, your Chapter deposits don't expire. If you decide not to renew your annual membership, all unused deposits will be forfeited at that time.

How do Chapter savings & deposit bundles work for Colives and Unpluggeds?

Our Chapter savings (Nomad, Citizen, Veteran circles) only apply to Chapters.

But, when you unlock access to Colives and Unpluggeds by completing your 1st or 3rd Chapter/s, yes you can use your deposit bundles across the board. For either Chapters, Colives and Unpluggeds.

Is it possible to downgrade my deposit bundle?

If you’re new to the Tribe (0 Chapters), there's an option to downgrade deposit bundle anytime up to 2 weeks after attending your 1st Chapter with our our new member experience guarantee.  

By returning the remaining, unused bundled deposits, we’ll retroactively adjust the price of the completed Chapter to the Member price. Then we’ll refund the remaining balance of unused deposits less the difference in Chapter prices.

For example, if you chose the bundle of 7 deposits and then downgrade to 5 after your 1st Chapter, you would get a refund of 2 x $300 minus the $100 price adjustment from the Veteran to the Citizen pricing = $500 refunded.

And remember, deposits don't expire if you have an active membership. So if you can't get through your Chapter bucket list, you can carry them forward into your next year as a member.

Am I considered a Citizen if I get the 5 deposit bundle?

Not quite yet, but a 5 deposit bundle gives you instant access to our Citizen Chapter prices, even before you’ve completed 4-5 Chapters. But there are more perks that members need to earn by completing Chapters, like being able to access our Colives and Unpluggeds.

Help! Who can I contact if I'm having trouble purchasing a bundle?

We got you! Just shoot an email to our team at hello@wifitribe.co and we'll help get you sorted.