Playa del carmen


Oct 29 - Dec 10, 2021

Don't bother shaking the sand out of your suitcase when you're in Playa del Carmen, we're sure you'll want to stay awhile. Affectionately known as Playa, the Tribe has crowned this chill city as a favorite home base thanks to its beach-side access, lively cafe & coworking culture, and year round remote worker scene. Living in Playa del Carmen as a community only adds to the experience, where the bonds run deep and the friendships last long after we've left the Playa.

Experience Playa del Carmen

with the Tribe

Take on Playa del Carmen with the Tribe and discover a new side to this beach town. Open your mind to the cocreated community experiences, adventures, and classic WiFi Tribe moments that'll make our time here one of a kind.

Meet your next cofounder or coworker

"I met someone who really helped me out in a work situation. I was able to hire her and hope to keep working together in the future. So thankful to the Tribe for bringing me together with so many talented and interesting people!"

Find gratitude & forever friendships together

"David putting together our last hurrah at the cenote was an unexpected surprise, everyone had a wonderful time. It was very meaningful to sit in a circle and share our gratitude for each other and for the experiences we'd created together."

Swap stories & go deeper with the crew

"Sharing stories on the dock of our Bacalar villa as the sun set behind us"

Group hangouts are always on the agenda

"There were too many to mention, but even simple hangouts on the beach playing volleyball were highlights"

Team up for a day of beach games

"We had this amazing day playing volleyball, making up our own games and generally hanging out on the beach during a weekend trip to Isla Mujeres."

Celebrate life's big moments in a new way 

"Many memorable moments, but seeing everyone come together in the first few days for one member's birthday really helped set the tone for the rest of the Chapter."

Our Home in Playa del Carmen


5 apartments

18 members

30 mbps


We're located in a prime spot, on a quiet street that's a 10 minute walk to the beach and 3 minutes to countless cafes and restaurants.

Every apartment has a private terrace, a fully-stocked kitchen, large bedrooms, and a spacious living room area to get together with your roommates.

Each booking includes a weekly cleaning plus towel and linen changes. There's also a workout room on site for basic exercise or a fully-equipped gym a 10 minute walk away.

Good to Know

We purposely rented the penthouse apartment with a furnished terrace to act as a main communal space. This apartment will likely be a main Tribe gathering point.

The pool and hot tub are available to use, but remember that the building doesn't allow food, drinks, or loud music in that area.

Join Us in Playa del Carmen

Learn more about how WiFi Tribe Chapter prices work:

Membership Perks & Chapter Savings

Join for the 2021 Chapter

Pricing is for a 6-week Chapter


Joining your 1st or 2nd Chapter


Private room


Shared room


Joining your 3rd or 4th Chapter


Private room


Shared room


Joining your 5th or 6th Chapter


Private room


Shared room


Joining your 7th Chapter then for life


Private room


Shared room

If you previously purchased a Chapter Plan and have deposits remaining, see your Chapter price below:

3-Chapter Plan: a private room is $2,600 and a shared room is $1,700

5- Chapter Plan: a private room is $2,450 and a shared room is $1,550

Oct 29 - Dec 10, 2021

 Email hello@wifitribe.co to join the waitlist

Open to current WiFi Tribe members only.

Not a member yet? Apply here

A few spots are set aside to build a more balanced community on the ground, with a mix of genders, nationalities, ethnicities, and member experience levels. All shared rooms are between 2 or 3 people of the same self-identified gender.

Not a Travel Program, a Community

We live, explore, and build our community together.

Embracing openness and curiosity, as a Tribe, we explore new places and ideas.

Do Life Together

We build relationships to last...the rest of our lives. Retirement-Tribe anyone?

Cocreate the Adventure

Discover how different travel feels when the experience is cocreated and shared as a Tribe.

Reignite Your Work

Realize your goals and dreams knowing you have the world's best cheerleaders in your corner.

Playa del Carmen Chapter FAQs

Find all general booking FAQs here and Chapter-specific information below.

Payment & cancellation deadlines

For the 2021 Chapter, see the payment and cancellation deadlines here.

Chapter Payments (please be aware we have reverted back to our pre-COVID policies for all 2022 Chapters):

  • Booking requests will receive a link to finalize your booking to pay the full Chapter price payment
  • The final full payment is due 8 weeks prior to the Chapter starting. (Note: this means you’ll have from the time of booking until 8 weeks out to submit the full Chapter payment)
  • If your full payment is not received 8 weeks before the Chapter start date, your deposit will be forfeited and spot will be given to the next person on the waitlist
  • Bookings made less than 8 weeks before the Chapter start date will pay the full Chapter price at booking

Cancellations (please be aware we have reverted back to a version of our pre-COVID policies for all 2022):

Once the full Chapter payment is paid, the following cancellation policy applies:

  • Cancelled 6+ weeks before Chapter start date: 100% refund of full Chapter payment and the deposit is released to be used for a future Chapter
  • Cancelled 4-6 weeks before Chapter start date: 50% refund of full Chapter payment and the deposit is released to be used for a future Chapter
  • Cancelled ≤ 4 weeks before Chapter start date: No refund and the deposit is forfeited

Closest airport and transportation information

Closest airport: Cancun International Airport (CUN)

In the Chapter's Slack channel before arrival, members often coordinate transportation to our homes together. You'll receive our address 4 weeks from the Chapter's start date.

COVID related FAQs and Policies

See our COVID guidelines and procedures here.

Make it a Journey

Create connections with more members or meet up with old friends by booking back-to-back Chapters.

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