Feb 14 - March 13, 2020 

Wait, What's a Make It Happen Chapter?

Make It Happen chapters will be run as a voting system – and your deposit is the ballot. Cast your vote with your chapter deposit, spread the word to fellow Tribers… and sit tight until we announce the winning chapter!

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Option 1: Towering Volcanoes & Mayan Ruins

2019 has been the year when we ventured  for the first time to Guatemala. We can tell you: this place is mesmerising! Colonial architecture, volcano-specked landscapes, delicious coffee and a culture influenced by the Mayan empire. We really would love to go back to Antigua – a Central American destination that turned into one of our most favourite spots pretty quick. 

Option 2: Europe's Nomad Hotspot

2018 we came for the first time to Budapest and totally loved it. So many amazing cafés and restaurants with free WiFi that you can’t cover all of them in one month. People are always hanging out by the river, playing music, setting up flea and food markets or laying in the grass chatting. For a reason the city is called “The Pearl of the Danube” and we can't wait to make it happen again!

Option 3: Between jungle and rice fields

Our Bali coliving experience in the laid-back haven of Canggu ticks all the boxes for remote workers. Serene rice fields, sleepy volcanoes, and lush jungle-covered mountains provide a dramatic backdrop to ease you into complete bliss and relaxation. This is the place every digital nomad talk about with the perfect work - life - balance. 

What to Expect?


European Alps /  Snow Sports / Cozy Cabin Vibes 

  • Location: Antigua
  • Pace: Relaxed! Cultural destination, with access to nature and lots of opportunities for adventure and cultural immersion! 
  • The Tribe: 12-15+ members 
  • Accommodation: Apartments within one complex
  • Internet: Typical city internet speeds of 3mpbs | Apartment speeds 5mbps+
  • Price: Tier 1
  • Duration: 4 weeks


City / Architecture / Culture / Foodie Heaven / Road Trips

  • Location: Budapest 
  • Pace: Urban, eastern European charm, all shaken up with some fantastic road trips & cool nightlife
  • The Tribe: 12+ members
  • Accommodation: Apartments within five minutes walking distance
  • Internet:   Average city internet speeds of 34mpbs
  • Price: Tier 2
  • Duration: 4 weeks 


Adventure / Beach / Culture / Nightlife / Surf / Snorkel 

  • Location: Canggu 
  • Pace: Beach vibes! Popular digital nomad destination with an amazing restaurant and cafe scene and great nightlife
  • The Tribe: 12+ members
  • Accommodation: One large villa with a swimming pool
  • Internet:  Between 30-50Mb download and upload at the villa
  • Price: Tier 1
  • Duration: 4 weeks

Ready to Join Our Tribe in

 Guatemala, Hungary or Bali?

February 14 - March 13, 2020

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I'm New to WiFi Tribe... How does it Work?

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