Mar 18 - Apr 15, 2022

Few places can match the sheer beauty that resides in Namibia. The stunning mountains, sky-high dunes, diverse wildlife, and desolate deserts makes this country the perfect starting place to explore Africa's extreme natural sites. Namibia is a playground that never seems to run out of adventures, outdoorsy explorers will love seeing the magical places and animals we've only seen on TV actually come to life. Join the Tribe in Windhoek for once-in-a-lifetime moments that will become our go-to travel stories for years to come.

Experience Namibia with the Tribe

Take on Windhoek with the Tribe and make it your new home base for one month. Open your mind to the cocreated community experiences, adventures, and classic WiFi Tribe moments that'll make our time here one of a kind.

Spot wildlife in Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park is where we'll watch rhinos, elephants, leopards, giraffes, and antelopes drinking from watering holes and going about their business as we look on from a 4x4. Sitting 4 hours away, it's a popular weekend trip from Windhoek, known for its reliable game viewing, huge grounds, and there's even a salt pan that's visible from space.

Explore an ancient mountain and its paintings

Brandberg Mountain, or Burning Mountain when translated, can be seen from great distances on clear days. It's been this way for millennia as these rock formations have been here since the dinosaurs. The prehistoric mountains are also home to thousands of ancient wall paintings, most famously The White Lady, which is reachable by foot with a guide in tow.  

Climb the beautiful red dunes of Sossuvlei

When thinking of Namibia, one of the most popular images to come to mind are gigantic, deep orange sand dunes lit up from the sun. The association makes sense as the dunes surrounding Sossusvlei salt pan are seriously breathtaking. Reaching almost 400m high, these sandy hills sit inside Namib-Naukluft National Park and are some of the tallest dunes in the world. We'll test our endurance and climb to the top for some insane photo ops.

Stargaze in the NamibRand Nature Reserve

With clear, dark skies, very few people, and little light pollution, Namibia is one of the best places on the planet for stargazing. To see the stars lit up we'll head to NamibRand Nature Reserve, it's one of two places in the world that's recognized as a Gold Tier International Dark Sky Reserve for having exceptionally dark skies. 

Explore the beaches of the Skeleton Coast

The Skeleton Coast is unlike a typical scenic drive, the flat landscape is barren but for impressive dunes, dried out animal skeletons, and shipwreck bones until you reach the coast. Getting behind the wheel isn't for the faint of heart but the things we'll see along the way will be unforgettable.

Meet the Chapter Hosts


A co-founder of WiFi Tribe, Diego is our original Chapter Host. His passion for life is infectious, he never misses a chance to bring people together to live their best lives together.

A master in the kitchen, he's been whipping up his famous omelettes & caipirinhas for everyone on his Chapters for the last 5 years. When outside of the Chapter house, you'll catch him doing flips on the beach (that's Diego upside down) and talking all things community and marketing.


Aura has been working with communities of remote professionals for years, it's safe to say that group dynamics, finding routine in a new city, and making friends with every kind of person are her strong suits. So strong in fact that she's the person who trains every new host who joins the Tribe.

Known for being a great listener and asking questions that make you think (like her current favorite about having an inner monologue in our heads), conversations with Aura will keep you talking. Catch her trying the best green juices in whichever city she's calling home, she might convince you to get one too.

Our Home in Windhoek

City Centre


16 members

40 mbps


The hotel is divided into 3 separate buildings on the same property so it's a great mix of communal spaces to hang out and private spots to recharge.

Each building has a different setup that resembles efficient apartments with A/C, a TV, and a small refrigerator and microwave. There are upgrades available for 1-bedroom suites that also include a small kitchenette, an ensuite bathroom, and a work table and chair.

The property has a pool and furnished outdoor terrace with a BBQ. There's also a fully outfitted kitchen and communal dining room that can double as our coworking and gathering space when our laptops close for the day. 

Good to Know

We may rent cars to efficiently reach some weekend trips and one of our local partners can help with arranging some of our transportation. English is widely spoken in Namibia so coordinating our travels shouldn't cause too much stress.

Keep in mind this is a country filled with deserts so try to conserve water any chance you get. The tap water is generally safe to drink as many of the water sources are from underground aquifers.

Days will be hot and nights could get chillier so be sure to pack layers. Also, the dry air and dust can damage electronics if we're not careful so bring protective coverings for your computer, phone, camera, and other important devices.


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One-bedroom suite that includes an ensuite bathroom, kitchenette, work table and chairs (9 upgrades available)


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Mar 18 - Apr 15, 2022

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Namibia Chapter FAQs

Find all general booking FAQs here and Chapter-specific information below.

Payment & cancellation deadlines

Chapter Payments (please be aware we have reverted back to our pre-COVID policies for all 2022 Chapters):

  • Booking requests will receive a link to finalize your booking to pay the full Chapter price payment
  • The final full payment is due 8 weeks prior to the Chapter starting. (Note: this means you’ll have from the time of booking until 8 weeks out to submit the full Chapter payment)
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Cancellations (please be aware we have reverted back to a version of our pre-COVID policies for all 2022):

Once the full Chapter payment is paid, the following cancellation policy applies:

  • Cancelled 6+ weeks before Chapter start date: 100% refund of full Chapter payment and the deposit is released to be used for a future Chapter
  • Cancelled 4-6 weeks before Chapter start date: 50% refund of full Chapter payment and the deposit is released to be used for a future Chapter
  • Cancelled ≤ 4 weeks before Chapter start date: No refund and the deposit is forfeited

Closest airport and transportation information

Closest airport:  Hosea Kutako International Airport (WDH)

In the Chapter's Slack channel before arrival, members often coordinate transportation to our homes together. You'll receive our address 4 weeks from the Chapter's start date.

COVID related FAQs and Policies

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