Online Chapter

Nov 14th - 28th | Nov 28th - Dec 12th

Introducing the Online Chapter 

Since introducing this virtual experience, we’ve run 7 Online Chapters and brought together over 100 Tribe members to reconnect, reenergise, and remember why our lifestyle isn’t just about roaming the world together.

Our Online Chapters feel like our in-person Chapters in many ways–a tight knit community full of that same support, playfulness, laughter, and collaboration. They’re a chance to meet new people at a time when that’s easier said than done. They’re a collection of moments that remind us that what makes WiFi Tribe so special is the people.

To keep it tight-knit, we cap the Online Chapter at 25 members. It gives you a chance to forge deeper connections and really get to the people on the other side of your screen. 

Who is this Chapter for?

The Online Chapter is available for all Tribe members, but here’s who we think might gain the most:

New members

After joining the community, the next big leap is going on your first in-person Chapter. Meeting a group full of new faces is intimidating, but an Online Chapter can help. It’s a chance to explore the community at your own pace, making friends with people you’ll eventually see in the wild and on Slack. The bonus is it’s all from the comfort of your own home, so you can show up as your most authentic self. 

Those working from home

Not everyone feels comfortable getting on a plane right now, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting out of your comfort zone. Remember when you were on your last trip with the Tribe? Meeting so many inspiring people who light you up with ideas and remind you of your passion for life. Online Chapters are a way to continue deepening your connection with your community and reenergise after months of monotony. 

Those saving up

The pandemic has thrown a lot of our careers into new territories. Uprooting yourself from home might not be possible right now, but there’s still lots to give and gain professionally from your community. Whether it’s support, networking, or just having an outlet to talk through big shifts you’re making, this Chapter can be the reliable sounding board you need to keep things in perspective.

What's it actually like?

Sometimes it’s easier to watch the magic happening rather than trying to explain it.

Watch Nick vlog his experience attending his first ever Chapter.

Watch this group feedback session to hear how long-time members and

recent joiners got something different out of their Online Chapter experiences.

How does it work?

You’ll be added to a new Slack workspace, specifically for our online Chapters, and you'll join other Tribers within your Hemisphere to make it easy to connect across time zones. Of course, we’ll do a round of intros and run a few fun meet-and-greet sessions to get us all warmed up.

  • Masterminds - Groups of 4-5 Tribers supporting one another, holding each other accountable, and coming up with ideas together. We’ve helped members launch a business, rework pitch decks, and spruce up a cover letter to get the job.
  • Brainstorms - Put your idea or project in front of a small group of talented professionals for constructive feedback and expert support.
  • Panel discussions -  We’re inviting experts to answer your questions about marketing, finance, personal branding, and more. So far, we’ve welcomed Douglas Kruger (author, Own Your Industry), Daisy Onobogu (former Director of Speakers at Web Summit),  and plenty of members like Jeff Baker, Alexis Humphrey, and Abbie Korman. 
  • Game Nights- Whether it’s trivia, murder mysteries, or Codenames, this is when our competitive sides start to show. Even if Pictionary isn’t your thing
  • Activity & Accountability - Holding planks and dripping sweat doesn’t immediately sound like a good time. But it's more fun when there’s a whole group dreading the next step of 20 push-ups alongside you. If that’s not your thing, we host meditations and yoga classes too. It’s more about accountability than burning calories.
  • and so much more..

The schedule 

The weekly schedule will be posted in Slack, you’ll receive calendar invites, and we’ll use Zoom for all of our calls. 

The events are a combination of workshops, skill shares, challenges, workouts, casual discussions, and anything else suggested by YOU.

If you’ve been on an in-person Chapter, you’ll see plenty of activities you know and love–and if you’re new to the Tribe, you’re about to find out what it’s all about. 

  • Topic chats - Casual chats around interesting topics, it’s those impromptu passionate conversations that happen during in-person Chapters but on Zoom.
  • Tribal Tuesdays - Tribal Tuesdays–The weekly tradition from our in-person Chapters, where we get together and organise something fun. We’re talking games, challenges, or a virtual cooking class. It’s all about getting creative and letting you take the lead.
  • Happy Hours & Coffee Chats - Mix a cocktail or grind up your favourite beans for these easy-going catch ups. If you’re missing those random interactions from the real world, you’ll thrive here.

How can I join? 

The Online Chapter runs from November 14 - December 11. 

You can join in 2 week increments, but there’s a price advantage for signing up for the full month from the start.

Joining for 2 weeks costs $180 and the full 4 weeks is $300

First 2-weeks: Nov 14th - Nov 27th
Last 2-weeks: Nov 27th - Dec 11th

We want to make the Online Chapter accessible to everyone, so if you’re struggling financially due to COVID and the lockdown, please reach out to us and we’ll help you make it work.

Please fill out this brief form to let us know a bit about yourself, and you’re all set!

We warmly invite you to join us on our next online Chapter!

What does the Tribe say?

There was a pretty interesting break-down of people... a third were WiFi Tribe staff, a third were really hardcore WiFi Tribe long-termers, and a third were new people. That's a really odd split that made a really good combination.

Andrew C

Masterminds are super valuable cause you have people from all sorts of different industries, geographies, different opinions, different experiences. I think it’s a good way to share that knowledge 

Kelly B

There is enough going on that you can be busy if you want to be or choose to just participate in what interests you. I prefer the business-stuff but some people prefer the fun stuff.

Lauren M

I wanted to support the Tribe but the value of an online chapter wasn’t exactly clear to me until after the first Zoom meeting we had. I was smiling so hard the entire meeting and came off it feeling so energized... I didn’t realize that a Zoom call could bring me that much joy.

Amanda P.

I had never been on a chapter before, so I was excited – it seemed like exactly what I was looking for... just having people to talk to and keep me motivated throughout the day.... I wasn't expecting to get that community feel right away, but it was just instant.

Alyssa P.

Hang out, grow, and collaborate with us on our next online Chapter!

Our next Chapter starts on Saturday, 14th November