Online Chapter

July 11th - August 7th (now 4 weeks!)

A group of like minded friends who look out for you, inspire you and get your brain running wild with ideas...

Who are we?  We, the members of WiFi Tribe, may seem as different as a bag of jelly beans on the outside – an eclectic mix of all nationalities and professions – but there’s something that just feels right when we meet; it’s our fundamental perspective on the world and the deep-rooted values that we share.

We love freedom, we’re curious, we enjoy a challenge, we seek out growth, we take ownership, and we genuinely want to help one another live our best lives. In short; we love life. But we don’t want to do it alone, so we all intentionally chose to be a part of each other's journey...

But how can we keep surrounding ourselves with these amazing humans in a time when travel is not an option?

Bringing the Tribe to your home

Over the last months, we've run 7 Online Chapters and brought together 100+ Tribe members to reconnect with old friends, spark new friendships, and support one another through challenges. Together we experienced something that felt like a ‘normal’ Chapter in many ways – a tight-knit community, full of that same support, playfulness, laughter, and collaboration.

We’ve decided to keep running our online Chapters – and now they'll be 4 weeks long – for all Tribers who’d like to spend quality time with people who inspire you, support you, and bring new energy and ideas into your life.

There is so much talent in our community – in your community – so many amazing humans to meet...

Introducing: The 'Online Chapter'

The Online Chapter is a deep-dive immersion into growth, connection, accountability, and plenty of support with your fellow Tribers. It’s a chance to reset, build up great habits, drop bad ones, gain new insights, and maybe even make a smart shift in your career.

To keep it tight-knit, we cap each Chapter at 25 members. You’ll be part of group calls – a few with the full chapter and several with smaller groups – you’ll be able to join skillshares, brainstorming sessions, jump into virtual workouts, and of course, soak up on as much social time as you feel you need.

Meet more of your Tribe

You'll meet some of the long-standing veterans, as well as several new faces. It's a great chance to get to know people you can travel with in the future!

There was a pretty interesting break-down of people... a third were WiFi Tribe staff, a third were really hardcore WiFi Tribe long-termers, and a third were new people. That's a really odd split that made a really good combination.

Andrew C

Work with great minds

The Tribe is full of talent and expertise and the new formats we've introduced make it easy for us to collaborate, share knowledge, and support each other.

Masterminds are super valuable cause you have people from all sorts of different industries, geographies, different opinions, different experiences. I think it’s a good way to share that knowledge 

Kelly B

Spice up your routine

With different sessions going on every day, there's something for everyone. Join a group to hold you accountable to form good habits and show up!

There is enough going on that you can be busy if you want to be or choose to just participate in what interests you. I prefer the business-stuff but some people prefer the fun stuff.

Lauren M

We warmly invite you to join us on our next online Chapter!

How does it work?

You’ll be added to a new Slack workspace, specifically for our online Chapters, and you'll join other Tribers within your Hemisphere to make it easy to connect across time zones. Of course, we’ll do a round of intros and run a few fun meet-and-greet sessions to get us all warmed up.

Our schedule 

The weekly schedules will be posted in Slack and we’ll use Zoom for all our calls. You’ll be able to add the events to your Google Calendar so you don’t miss out on anything!

Events will include a combination of workshops set up by the team, as well as skillshares, challenges, workouts, casual discussions, and anything else created by YOU, along with the rest of the Tribe!

Compared to our in-person Chapters, the team will provide a bit more structure and organise a few more of the events to help us all make the most of our time together.

What's on the agenda?

Our Online Chapters have a simple premise: bring amazing people together and magic will happen.

 If you’ve been on a regular Chapter with us, you’ll see plenty of the activities you know and love – and if you’re new to the Tribe, you’re about to find out what it’s all about!

But to get the most out of the time we all have together, we’ve also set up a few new formats that you haven’t seen on a Chapter before…

And here are some of the sessions that the Tribe regularly organises:

  • Skillshares 
  • Group Workouts
  • Meditation accountability
  •  Game Nights
  • Tribal Tuesdays
  • Happy hours & coffee chats
  • and so much more..

Here are the sessions we’ll be guiding:

  • Masterminds - Groups of 4-5 Tribers supporting one another, holding each other accountable, and coming up with ideas together (if you have a project, you’ll get even more out of this!)
  • Brainstorms - Imagine putting your project, idea, or a challenge you’re facing in front of 10 talented professionals to creatively solve a problem for you
  • Panel discussions - We're inviting experts in a field to discuss a topic, hosted by us, but answering your questions (e.g. marketing, finance, personal branding)
  • Topic chats - Casual chats around interesting topics (e.g. investing in the stock market, starting a company, personal motivation…)

Who is this Chapter for?

The online Chapter is available for all Tribe members – whether or not you have already joined us for an in-person Chapter.

If you get energised from stimulating conversations with smart people, if you’d like to try something new to boost your productivity while at home...

...if you want to use this lockdown to grow and learn, or if you just miss the Tribe and want to catch up with old friends, then you'll get a lot out of it!

Of course, if you’re new to the Tribe, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to meet fellow Tribers before hopping onto your first in-person Chapter – many of our most experienced members have been on our last online Chapters.

What's it actually like?

On his first – ever – chapter, Nick made a video! If you're curious, here's a fun account on what it's like on the 'inside':

Who's the Chapter Host?

One of the extra perks of our online Chapters is that you’ll get to hang out with a bunch of our Hosts, instead of just one! 

You’ll see Hosts from in-person Chapters you’ve been on but you’re also bound to meet some of those other crazy personalities that may host your next in-person Chapter...

(You can read more about our unconventional team here!)

What's the price?

The 4-week experience is $300.

We want to make the online Chapters accessible to everyone in the Tribe during this time –  so if you're a Tribe member who is struggling financially due to COVID and the lockdown, please reach out to us, and we'll help you make it work.

How can I join? 

Please fill out this brief form to let us know a bit about yourself and what you’re interested in, and you're all set!

When is the next Chapter?

From Saturday, 11th July to Friday, 7th August

What does the Tribe say?

We ran a group feedback session to hear what went well and what we can improve – here's a 10-minute cut of one of those conversations:

I wanted to support the Tribe but the value of an online chapter wasn’t exactly clear to me until after the first Zoom meeting we had. I was smiling so hard the entire meeting and came off it feeling so energized... I didn’t realize that a Zoom call could bring me that much joy.

Amanda P.

I had never been on a chapter before, so I was excited – it seemed like exactly what I was looking for... just having people to talk to and keep me motivated throughout the day.... I wasn't expecting to get that community feel right away, but it was just instant.

Alyssa P.

Hang out, grow, and collaborate with us on our next online Chapter!

Our next Chapter starts on Saturday, 11th July!