Island Vibes. Caribbean Idyll. Native Cultures.

4 Weeks on The Dream Island Bocas Del Toro

Panama is unlike anywhere else we’ve lived before. It’s captivatingly beautiful, and addictively adventurous in equal measure. If you’re the kind of person who lives for the sound of ocean waves lapping on the shore, if you feel most alive when you have warm sand between your toes and salt in your hair, if you’re equally happy swinging in a hammock or diving the warm clear waters of the Caribbean sea, then we have something very special in store for you… 

Panamas Caribbean Paradise

Panama can be as laid back or as thrilling as you want it to be. Hop on a 'water taxi' or rent a sailboat and explore the many dreamy Caribbean islands. Trek through the rainforest or take in the beats of the drums. It’s a small archipelago, with a big playground. 

Life in The Caribbean

'Bocas town' offers everything you’d imagine Caribbean island life would. It's the place to find that perfect work-life balance. Whether you’re seeking a quiet spot for a day of focused productivity, or want to escape to a remote beach for snorkeling - it’s all possible in Bocas del Toro.

Learn to Surf

Bocas is a well-known surf spot, with steady waves and a lush jungle backdrop. During March & April the swell will be smaller, so it’s the perfect time for anyone who wants to learn to ride the waves.

Dive into Nature

Hear the distinctive call of a howler monkey, spot lazy sloths hanging from trees, swim with friendly whale sharks, snorkel colorful Caribbean reefs, and try to get a shot of some of the most beautiful birds you've ever seen. Panama is pure abundance for nature lovers.

Indulge in World-Class Coffee

Panama is world-renowned for producing aromatic, high-grade coffee, on par with that of Colombia, Peru or Costa Rica. Take a tour through the plantations, learn how it’s produced, and finish up with a professional tasting - a true bean to cup experience!

Tribal Adventures

Travel up the Chagres river in a dugout canoe, hike through the rainforest, and emerge to meet the Embera tribe, the indigenous people of Panama. Sample authentic food, enjoy a traditional music and dance show, and spend the afternoon swimming in ancient waterfalls.

Central America's Florida

Panama city is reminiscent of Miami with its dazzling blue coastline and shimmering skyscrapers. Pedal green coastal paths, explore the Casco, or enjoy an avant-garde performance in the warm evening air. You’ll soon see there’s so much more to this city than its Salsa soul.

Our Home in Panama

Picture a colourful Caribbean town with a backdrop of a lush jungle and long stretches of sandy beach. That's Bocas del Toro, our home for the month. We'll have space for 18 adventurers, staying in six apartments all in the same building. They come equipped with good internet, a small kitchen, and a living room for work.

If you’d like to find out more about what it’s like to live in Bocas del Toro as a ‘digital nomad’, including internet speeds, cost of living, and coworking spaces, take a look at Nomad List’s guide, or for more information on things to do, check out this brilliant article about Bocas del Toro, written by WiFi Tribe member, Annemarie!

Internet speeds in our apartments are faster than in most places in the city, but the island is connected to the internet via satellites leading to stability issues every now and then. We always have MiFi devices with mobile data as backups in all homes to make sure that we can keep working productively if there are any stability issues. 

Ready to Join our Tribe in Panama?

 Mar 20-Apr 17,2020

If you're interested in our Panama chapter, please apply here first. If you're already a WiFi Tribe member, please just send us an email and we can book your place in Panama!

Panama is a Tier 1 chapter. Prices start from:

Private Room: $1500
Shared Room: $900

Note: the rooms are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. All shared rooms are between 2 people.

What to Expect?

Island / Beach / Easter / Nature / Jungle / Surf / Snorkel / Diving / Caribbean

  • Accommodation: Six apartments within one building
  • Work space: we got an extra apartment primarily for making calls on top of the available living room spaces
  • The Tribe: 18+ members led by Karol
  • Internet: Typical island internet speeds of 6mpbs | Apartment speeds 20+mbps
  • Pace: Laid back, dreamy Caribbean vibes, all shaken up with some incredible adventures & cool nightlife

I'm New To This... How Does It Work?

WiFi Tribe has an annual chapter plan model: Successful applicants choose how often they want to travel with the tribe within a year and decide what chapter plan they would like. You can find out more about chapter plan prices here.