Positioned for Success is a top-to-bottom facelift for your business that will give you everything you need to start attracting higher-paying clients that want to work with you, not over you.

The type of client who cares more about your expertise than what you charge, and who sees you as a trusted advisor worth investing in, rather than a "gun-for-hire" that’s an unavoidable expense.

During this self-paced course, we’ll help you identify your unique market position and clearly communicate your value so you can stop chasing micro-managing bargain-hunters, and start attracting premium clients who trust you to get the job done. 

We’ll also revamp your sales page and social profiles, helping turn window shoppers into qualified leads. And we’ll develop an entry-level offer that will allow you to validate demand, and give you an easy “in” so you can start reaching your ideal client.

What's the Goal?

By the end of this course, you will have:

  • Clearly defined your target market, their expensive problem and the solution you can provide
  • Clarity on how to package your solution in a way that gives you competitive edge & increases your margins
  • A killer positioning statement which tells your dream client exactly why they should work with you
  • A sales page packed with powerful messaging that puts you leagues ahead of your competitors
  • An upgraded Linkedin profile that positions you as an expert and will attract and nurture leads on auto-pilot
  • A launch offer that you can present straight away to help build trust with nervous clients

What's Included?

Positioned for Success includes 16 actionable pre-recorded lessons designed to give your business a competitive edge. You’ll also have access to a private Slack workspace, and a 1hr private coaching session to give you all the support and accountability you’ll need to take you from commoditized freelancer to trusted advisor in just a few weeks.



Become the Expert Clients Want

Understand why positioning yourself as an expert matters, even if you feel you still need time to grow into the role!

LESSON 4 - 6 

Identify Your


Passion + Profitability = Your Niche! Who is your ideal client? And what unmet need do they have that you can help with?


The Profit is in the Process

Understand how you can craft a signature solution that is both impactful for your client, and streamlined for you to deliver.


Package Your


Stop offering a menu of services and instead package up your skills into one neat and highly valuable solution.



Perfect Your Positioning 

We've done the groundwork. Now let's bring it all together in one epic statement that tells clients exactly what you do.


Craft Your


We'll craft a toolkit of high-converting messaging that you can use on your website, social profiles, emails and more!


Upgrade Your Online Presence

Your sales page & Linkedin profile are you sales team! We'll revamp both so they start attracting your ideal client.


Validate Your Niche

Start getting feedback with a "no-brainer" launch offer that  builds trust with prospects before you have testimonials.

How does Positioned For Success relate to Future-Proofed?

Positioned For Success is the foundation phase for Future-Proofed - our 12-week course for freelancers, consultants & agencies.

We decided to offer Positioned For Success as a stand-alone course to give you a more affordable way to access the training that will give you the greatest impact straight away.

Future-Proofed continues the journey - diving deep on marketing, sales and operations for your newly specialised business. 

If you finish Positioned For Success  and decide you want to uprgade to the full Future-Proofed course, we'll deduct the price of Positioned For Success from the full price of Future-Proofed, which is $1,200. 

Price & How to Join:

The price for Positioned for Success as a stand-alone course is $500

Ready to join? Simply click the link below to secure your spot!