Remote in 60 Days Scholarship

Win a two-month adventure in Latin America worth $6,000, designed to take you from hustling freelancer, to 6-figure, location-independent, business owner.

What if we told you that building the business of your dreams is within reach?

That creating sustainable growth in your business is possible?

That you can have it all - run a thriving business and travel the world?

Would you jump on the chance?

Well, that's exactly what we're offering one lucky freelancer...

A  full scholarship worth $6,000, that will take you from hustling freelancer, to bustling business owner. We'll help you figure out the direction your business should take by focusing on your strengths (a scalable resource) rather than just your skills(a limited resource) show you how to recruit an army of remote freelancers to work in your business so you can work on it, and help you land clients who'll pay what you're worth, so you can finally get off the hamster wheel and start designing the life you've always wanted.

The Prize...

4 Week Business Retreat in Bolivia + Meals  |  4 Weeks Accommodation in Chile  |  Flights & transportation

Bolivia Andes Sunset

4-week business retreat in Bolivia

In October 2019 you'll be flown out to our mountain hideaway near La Paz to join us, and 12 ambitious freelancers, for an intensive business training retreat. Over the course of 4-weeks you'll be immersed in a curriculum of workshops, seminars and 1:1 coaching designed to walk you through every step of your business journey.

Our private chef will take care of the catering, and we'll make sure you have plenty of time to work on your regular business. We appreciate you can’t afford to fire all your clients… just yet!

4-week implementation experience in Chile

You'll have 1 week of free travel, (covered up to $500), and you'll then be flown to beautiful Valparaiso in Chile to join a group of remote professionals from WiFi Tribe, where you can focus on implementing everything you've learnt in the Mastermind.


Explore the world whilst building your business

Our aim is to show you how to build a sustainable, scalable  business whilst travelling the world. WiFi Tribe is an invite-only group of 600 remote professionals who are all doing exactly that. And we're a pretty adventurous lot! So every weekend, we'll down tools so we can get out and explore. From the mind-bending salt flats at Salar De Unyuni, to the beautiful beaches of Chile's pacific coastline - get ready to work hard, and play even harder!*

Bolivia Milky Way Galaxy

*The cost of  optional weekend trips & social activities, plus meals in Chile, is not included

How to apply

For details on how to apply for the Remote in 60-Day scholarship, simply enter your email below!

    Applications for the scholarship close on the 22nd August, 2019

    The scholarship winner will be announced on 26th August 2019

    What is WiFi Tribe?

    WiFi Tribe is an invite-only community of 600+ remote professionals who slow travel the world in small groups of 15-20. Every month, we choose a different city to call home and we invite passionate, wild and ego-free remote professionals from all corners of the world to join us. Watch the video to find out more...