Remote in 60 Days Application

"What do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
- Mary Oliver-

Before you start: Please set aside enough time and put a lot of thought into your responses. The Remote in 60 Days scholarship is reaching more than 500,000 professionals, so we're expecting a lot of applications, but only 10 will make it through to the interview rounds, and then only one will be offered the scholarship.

If you believe you're the right person for this, impress us with your application! The person we're looking for is...

  • super driven to succeed
  • a self-starter with that entrepreneurial fire
  • hungry for knowledge and business wisdom
  • able to learn just about anything and absorb it like a sponge
  • laser-focused on getting sh*t done
  • motivated by financial freedom and location-independence
  • already freelancing successfully with (some) clients

Sounds like you? AWESOME! We are all SO EXCITED to hear from you!

1About Your Business
2Essay Questions
3About You
Please note: We do not provide remote work and this is not a job application to join our team.

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