How to Find Freelance Clients, Even If You Have No Experience...

Inside this free 5-part mini-course, you will learn:

  • The 3 marketplace traps that keep you working longer hours, for less pay
  • 1 secret strategy that will put you ahead of 99% of freelancers using gig sites
  • How to create an irresistible offer that helps prospects overlook lack of experience
  •  3 unconventional ways to land clients without paying fees to gig site
  • How to quickly collect testimonials that will have prospects lining up to work with you

This course is a collaboration between WiFi Tribe and freelance business expert, Alexis Humphrey. WiFi Tribe has been featured in:

Alexis is a force of nature. It’s incredible how much she knows about freelancing, and how eager she is to pass on her knowledge… if you get a chance to work with her, jump in and get ready to learn!

Julia Kallweit, Founder & Remote Work Coach

Do you dream of working for yourself, but don't know where to begin?


My name's Alexis, and I'm on a mission to help 200 new freelancers start a profitable business in the next 30-days, fast-tracking you through the awkward growing pains, straight to a successful six-figure freelance career!

Freelancing is incredibly rewarding - you can set your own hours, work from anywhere in the world, and, in theory, have unlimited earning potential

But it's also very easy to get it wrong - and I learned that the hard way

I left my job with dreams of being my own boss & exploring the world. But 3-years on I was still sat at home, working 14-hour days and barely making ends meet.

Then, through one chance encounter, I transformed my business overnight. Fast-forward another 3-years, and I now own a profitable agency with a team of 35, which I run in less than 10hrs a week whilst travelling the world full-time. 

And now I want to help you start your dream business! Freelancers are going to be more in-demand than ever over the next few years, so if you've ever daydreamed about being your own boss, NOW is the time!

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