Santa Marta


Jan 7 - Feb 4, 2022

We find ourselves back in Santa Marta for the 2nd Chapter. Located near the idyllic Caribbean beaches of the Tayrona National Park and at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Santa Marta is the perfect base to explore Colombia’s natural beauty on the weekend. From jungle hikes that open up to dreamy Caribbean beaches to mountain getaways with breath-taking views and infinity pools, this is the perfect spot for adventurous nature-lovers.

Experience Santa Marta with the Tribe

Santa Marta is a small coastal city with a buzzing city centre, that might be most known for it’s closeness to some must-see places. This Chapter sets the bar on how awesome weekend trips can be:

Explore Parque Tayrona

Go an easy 4-hour hike through the jungle, emerge on pristine white sandy beaches with no crowds around. "Honestly, one of the most stunning beaches I’ve ever seen."

Sail from beach to beach

"An alternative way (more fabulous way) to get to the stunning beaches of Tayrona - go sailing, play tunes, and have a little boat party"

Minca - a small village nestled in the northern Colombian hills

"We stayed at a hotel with an infinity pool with a crazy view. one of the best views we've seen... up on a mountain overlooking the ocean and valley covered in trees as flocks of parrots fly by while the sun is setting...see how coffee is made – everything that goes into the tasty cup that gives you life every morning"

Ancient ruins deep in the jungle

"It's like a mini Machu Picchu, but without all the tourists"

Organize a tubing trip

"Imagine, tubing down a river while monkeys swing by on the trees until you reach the Caribbean ocean - it's been an unforgettable experience"

Our Home in Santa Marta

Here's where the Tribe stayed the last time we colived, coworked, and adventured through Santa Marta.

Santa Marta center

1 villa

22 members

30 mbps


It is a beautiful colonial home newly renovated in the heart of Santa Marta. An ideal location far from noise but close enough to be anywhere in a minute.

All bedrooms have ensuites bathrooms, mini fridges and AC.

Our new home comes with rooftop terrace with a coworking space, a small pool, sun beds and a hangout area.

5 min walk to the grocery store, cafes, Parque de Los Novios nightlife and the new Marina.

Good to Know

January is usually considered the best month to visit Santa Marta as is the driest month of the year.

It's a place for the adventure seekers within the Tribe. Santa Marta is less fancy, but more of an authentic Colombian experience.

The nice beaches are a shared taxi ride away.

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