13 Freelancers | Bolivia | Oct 18th-Nov 15th

Taking Freelancers from
Surviving to Thriving 

What if we told you that building the business of your dreams is within reach?

That creating sustainable growth in your business is possible?

That you can have it all - run a thriving business and travel the world?

Would you jump on the chance?

In this 4-week business mastermind we'll give you an easy-to-follow roadmap, taking you from hustling freelancer, to bustling business owner. We'll show you how to recruit an army of remote employees to work in your business so you can work on it, and how to land clients who'll pay what you're worth so you can get off the hamster wheel and start designing the life you've always wanted!

And, because we're a work hard, play hard kinda bunch, we'll be making the most of our time together with adventurous weekend trips and awesome social events. Ready to jumpstart your business, and have the time of your life doing it? Let's get started...

The Experience

Bolivia is a land of contrasts. From the dizzying heights of the Andes Mountains and the vastness of the Atacama Desert, to the lush basin of the Amazon rainforest and the mind-bending salt flats - it's a country infused with an energy ​that you won't find anywhere else in the world.

And it's the perfect place to take this personal and professional journey. During the week we'll find focus in our mountain retreat, and on the weekends we'll dive head first into the wonder that is Bolivia -  Death Road, Salt Dessert and Lake Titicaca - we can explore it all! 

Bolivia Andes Sunset

Reach dizzy new heights 

At 12,000ft, La Paz is the highest capital in the world. But, whilst it's a city with its head in the clouds, its heart is culturally rooted in the ancient traditions of the indigenous people who've lived here for thousands of years.

Bolivia La Paz

Our mountain hideaway 

Our beautiful home in Bolivia is nestled in the Andean mountains 30 minutes outside La Paz. It's the heart of our community - the place that our Tribe of remote professionals say feels more like home than anywhere else we stay.

Bolivia House

Featuring a mix of shared and private rooms to suit your budget, quiet spots for those moments when you need to focus, and tons of open space for us to socialise together. And if you believe 'healthy body, healthy mind', you can join us for a morning HIIT session, or midday game of volleyball. 

Find focus & build your business

Each day we'll host a 2-hour business coaching session that will help you take an epic leap forward in your business (see Agenda for details), and every other evening we’ll get together to workshop the skills we’ve learnt to ensure you’re implementing every step of the way.

During the day you’ll have 6hrs free to get your day-to-day work done. Don’t worry, we get it – you have a job to do, and can’t afford to fire all your clients… yet!

Explore the adventure

capital of the world

On the weekends we'll head out into Bolivia's unadulterated wilderness. This is a country that's still relatively unexplored, and the cultural experience is as authentic as the adventures are raw.

Bolivia Lauren Salt Flat

SALAR DE UNYUNI is the worlds largest salt flat, left behind by a prehistoric ocean. It's so large that after about an hour of driving, you will find yourself surrounded by nothing but endless white against a dark blue sky. It's an experience that challenges the mind as much as the body, and many people travel to Bolivia just to experience this wonder of nature.

Bolivia Monkey

GET LOST IN THE JUNGLE from the remote town of Rurrenabaque on a 3-day boat tour deep into the Amazon. You'll see alligators, turtles, monkeys, tropical birds, giant guinea pigs, catch piranhas, swim with river dolphins, and search for anacondas.

Bolivia Dolphin
Bolivia Campfire

SAIL ON TOP OF THE WORLD on the world's highest navigable body of water – 12,500 feet above sea level. Explore Inca ruins, trek the Isla del Sol, set up your tent, build a campfire and sleep under a billion stars, with an uninterrupted view of the Milky Way galaxy.

Bolivia Milky Way Galaxy

And so much more!...

From Freelance to Freedom

Let's start by answering the most common question we hear:
What's the difference between being a freelancer, and being a business owner? 

Freelancer = Having a skill that you exchange for money, normally charged per hour/project

Business owner = Managing a team who's skills you exchange for money, normally charged based on the value you provide

If you want more freedom in your life, you need to do two things: earn more and work less. And that means finding, and retaining clients who will pay you more, hiring a team to do the work, and then automating your processes to save you time.

So, that's exactly what we're going to cover...

The Agenda

Week 1: Marketing 101 for Business Success

Know your customer - personas, pain points & the buyer journey

Driving Traffic - ads, SEO, social media, partnerships & PR

Email Marketing - growing your list, content marketing & email strategy

Week 2: Charge What You're Worth

Millionaire Mindset - creating habits, overcoming fears and setting goals

Value Based Pricing - start charging what your worth

Sales Techniques - overcome objections & close the deal

Challenger Week: Find That Client!

Create a Promotional Plan & Setup Your Sales System

One Week to Find Your Dream Client [LIVE]

Client Management - setting boundaries, saying no and setting yourself up for success

Week 4: Scale Up & Set Sail...

Hiring a Flexible Workforce - why, how, and what to look out for

Building & Running a Distributed Team

Tools of the Trade - streamline, automate & optimise

Making the Most of Your Freedom - travel/productivity tips, hacks and tricks

Meet your Mentors

WiFi Tribe founder, Diego Bejarano Gerke, and multi 6-figure agency owner, Alexis Humphrey, both got caught in the freelancer trap - believing that being freelance meant freedom, and learning the hard way that it's often the complete opposite. Now they both run hugely successful businesses whilst travelling, and they're going to show you how they did it, and more importantly, how you can do the same.

Diego Remote Professional

Diego Bejarano Gerke

The founder of WiFi Tribe, Diego has a fierce passion for building lean start-ups based on shared values and experiences. He's an optimisation wizard who is going to show you how to automate anything online, giving you more time to focus on the bigger picture (and, you know, have more fun - he's not got the nickname "Chief of Adventure" for no reason...)

Alexis Humphrey Remote Professional

Alexis Humphrey

Alexis scaled her struggling freelance business into a 6-figure agency in less than 6 months, and now has a remote team of 30+ freelancers. To get there she spent upwards of $60k on business coaching, most of which was a complete waste. Now she wants to ensure no freelancer has to go through the same - Buckle up, you're about to learn how to scale fast, and right.

Collectively they've spent two decades figuring it all out. But what you'll get in the Mastermind is the distilled version - 20 years of experience delivered in 4 weeks, focusing on how to do it right.  Skip the awkward growing pains, side step the content overwhelm (how many courses have you considered taking this year?) and jump straight to the good stuff - what to do, when to do it and how to action it.

In addition, we've invited guest coaches from our community of successful remote entrepreneurs - elite marketers, salespeople, accountants, social influencers and more - each one running hugely successful online businesses whilst travelling the world full-time.

Ready to scaleUP your business?

October 18th - November 15th 

The Mastermind will be restricted to 13 attendees to ensure we can personally mentor every individual and maximise your chance for success. For that reason, we're asking candidates to apply letting us know how you think your business could benefit from attending. Applications open on September 1st, but you can join the waiting list now to secure early bird prices. Scroll down for details.

If you're already a WiFi Tribe member, please just send us an email and we can reserve your spot! Please note, due to the unique nature of this Chapter, and the much more structured curriculum, pricing is a little different - see below.

The scaleUP Mastermind package includes...


Learn, implement, optimise

- 30+ hours of group business coaching designed to transform your business

- 20+ hours of workshops & brainstorm sessions to implement everything you learn

- Unlimited access to your business coaches - ask us anything!

- Challenger Week - land at least one new client before the 4-weeks are up, with our help!

- Network and collaborate with 13 ambitious freelancers

- Unlimited access to the main WiFi Tribe community on Slack

Is this place for real?

- Peaceful Andean mountain retreat just outside La Paz, the world's highest city

- Private or shared rooms, to suit your budget

- Plenty of co-working space to get your day-to-day stuff done

- Free WiFi throughout the retreat + backup devices

- Hundreds of acres of outside space to explore, workout, play or chill

- Friendly family dogs for morning walks and evening cuddles (yes, you heard right!)

- Close to some of the world's most exhilarating adventure hotspots

Let's make this easy

- Pick up & drop off from the airport

- A local sim card with fast internet

You won't go hungry...

- Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked by our personal chef

- Soft drinks (and a few not-so-soft drinks) provided 

*food and drink provided in the retreat

Your investment back within one month

Yep, you heard right. You're going to walk away with an actionable 6-figure business blueprint that will return your investment within 30 days of completing the Mastermind. Of course, you need to do the work, we can only take you so far. But if you show up, work hard and implement everything we teach, there's no reason you can't achieve this and more! And if you don't, we'll provide an additional 1:1 session post-retreat to get you across the finish line.

Early Bird Pricing

We'll be taking applications from September 1st - join the waiting list now, and if your application is successful you'll lock in early bird pricing*...

Private Room: $2,500**
Shared Room: $1,800**

*Joining the waiting list does not commit you to apply.
**Price will increase by 20% on September 1st. 

    - Flights, weekend trips and social events outside the retreat are not included

    What is WiFi Tribe?

    WiFi Tribe has an annual membership model: Successful applicants choose how often they want to travel with the tribe within a year and decide what membership they would like.

    nb. The scaleUp Mastermind is a one-off event. You can find out more about our regular Chapters here and learn how the membership works here.