A 4-Week Accelerator To Help You Launch a New Project Into The World

June 8 - July 3, 2020

There is power in shift.

Are you flowing in your life and business – creating new projects, taking action, putting your passions out into the world even before you feel “ready?” This is the way of the successful creator and entrepreneur – a learned skill that forms the basis of our brand new SHIFT Accelerator.

The power in the SHIFT Accelerator comes in mastering the muscle of ideating, creating, and launching – and doing so with an unshakeable mindset, in a rock-solid community that’s got your back and is here to see you succeed.

SHIFT is an accelerator unlike any other – designed to help you create and launch a new project into the world in just 4 weeks. If you’ve been feeling the urge to bring something new into the world – whether that’s a side hustle, a new project in your business, or explore a new creative venture altogether – think of SHIFT as your catalyst. Together in this month-long creative incubator we’ll simultaneously bring our new projects into the world while growing together in our lives and businesses.

You may ask: How can we keep surrounding ourselves with these amazing humans in a time when travel is not an option?

The answer: A powerful, virtual space for SHIFT. 

An Integrative Approach to Your Big SHIFT

The month-long experience will guide you on a journey through four key steps in developing your project – from both the mindset and business standpoints.  This is a full holistic experience – weaving together self-knowledge and purpose-based work, aligned goal setting and embodied energetics with business development, marketing strategy and completing an active launch with your new project.

SHIFT Accelerator Dates:

June 8 - July 3, 2020

Who is SHIFT for?

The SHIFT Accelerator is for you if you’ve been sitting on an idea for a side hustle or new project for some time – but just haven’t gotten around to making it happen yet! Take this as your sign from the universe that it’s time to get that project into the world. :)

This is also for you if you aren’t sure yet what you want to create – but you know you need a shift in your life and business! You will learn how to quickly iterate, create, and launch a project in a highly motivated and supportive environment – not only succeeding in creating something new, but also gaining the skills you need to launch new projects in the future.

How Will It Work?

Each week, you’ll receive a video and PDF workbook to prepare you for the segment ahead. 

We’ll grow over the month together in our virtual community, meeting on Zoom for workshops and connecting each day in Slack. We’ll have three main workshops sessions per week (held on Zoom):

  • An Deep-Dive Workshop to hone in on the goals for the week and put what you’re learning into practice

  • A Group Mentorship session to dive deeper into the business tools & receive group coaching
  • A Mastermind Session where you’ll have space to ideate and move through blocks with the help of your group

In between main sessions, you'll have virtual deep focus work sessions and periodic check-ins to keep everyone on track.

And of course, we’ll have some fun social events to help you bond outside of just work time!

SHIFT Accelerator Structure:

We are still developing the exact schedule for the Accelerator, but as a general idea, the month will run as follows:

Monday: Checkin / Focus work session

Tuesday: Deep-Dive Workshop (10am/PST)

Wednesday: Group Mentorship Session (10am/PST)

Thursday: Mastermind Session (10am/PST)

Friday: Open / Various activities

What Will I Learn?

Our month together is structured to help you set foundations, create, market, & launch your new project into the world. 

But unlike many "incubator" programs – we're not here to hustle hard – only to crash and burnout. 

A sustainable business is rooted in the balance between ideation and action, mindset and embodiment, hustling and integration – and we'll take this same holistic-based approach to your new project.

You'll be guided on an integrative four-part journey weaving mindset and self-development with strategy, creation, and targeted business goals – so you'll stay inspired, motivated, and see your vision and plan through to success.

Week 1: Root Foundations 

You will start out by becoming solid in the foundational structures, goals, and mindset you need to launch a successful new project, then hone in on your #1 idea. We'll take you through an aligned goal-setting process to help you get clear on your needs and desires for your 4-week project, and how this fits into a longer 6-month vision.

You'll identify your core values and explore how to weave your unique passions, strengths, and skills into a purposeful project – with plenty of creative team brainstorming! Finally, you'll clarify the systems, structures, and resources you need to bring your project to life. By the end of Week 1, you'll have your goals set and your rock-solid project narrowed in. 

Week 2: Creation Flow

Once your project idea is set, it's time to harness your creative flow to start bringing it to life. You'll double down on your passions and skills, create your project's mission statement, and work through any mindset blocks around confidence and and igniting your personal power.

You’ll have the brainstorming power of the group behind you as we ignite creativity and innovation in developing our projects and bringing them from conception to reality. You'll identify who this project is for (your ideal customer) and start brainstorming the best ways to reach them. By the end of Week 2, the creation phase of your project will be in full swing and you'll be riding the momentum with the group to bring your MVP to life. 

Week 3: Marketing Flame

From this clarity on your project's mission statement and ideal customer, we'll dive into the best marketing tools to help you turn your project's spark into a blaze that reaches all the right people. We'll go through authentic relationships as a business-building tool, and help you identify the best marketing channel(s) for your unique project.

We’ll bring in experts from various fields of marketing to help guide you in the most effective way to deliver your project, and you'll get direct feedback from your mentors to remove any blocks in your way. By the end of Week 3, your project will be nearly complete and you'll have a simple marketing strategy ready to put into place on launch day!

Week 4: Expand to Launch

The pinnacle of our experience brings us to that moment you share your project with the wider world! You'll learn all about the steps to an effective launch, and the mindsets and strategies to keep in place. You'll hone in on your unique voice and messaging, learn about the role of your intuition in business, and place the final touches on your MVP project. Most importantly, you'll cultivate a relationship with being "done over perfect", and build a vital muscle of seeing a new project through to completion and launch.

We'll all have a huge celebration once our projects our live, and support one another in spreading the word! Finally, you'll learn how to pivot to meet your audiences’ needs as you start to get feedback. By the end of Week 4, you will have officially MADE YOUR SHIFT!

The Journey in Detail 

Curious to hear a bit more about the nitty-gritty of what we'll be covering each week? The following is a rough guide to our journey – keeping in mind that we may shift content accordingly to the group's progress and flow.

(Click on each week to expand into the content)

Week 1: Root Foundations

  • Clarify your personal WHY for the month
  • Gain perspective on where you are now & want to be
  • Set out your 4-week and 6-month goals
  • Identify your needs and desire for this project
  • Identify your core values in relation to your project
  • Understand the meaning of an MVP 
  • Explore your passions, strengths, and unique skillsets
  • Clarify the systems, structures, and resources you need
  • Hone in on your #1 idea - CLARIFY YOUR PROJECT

Week 3: Marketing Flame

  • Clarify your messaging and unique voice
  • Build tools for focus, discipline, and strong habits for success
  • Understand relationship-building as a marketing tool
  • Explore various marketing strategies led by experts in their field, and gain feedback on your project
  • Clarify and express your project's impact/service
  • Continue crafting and fine-tuning your project
  • Hone in on your #1 marketing strategy
  • Find your audience and begin your mini pre-laumch
  • Turning spark to flame  - MARKET YOUR PROJECT

Week 2: Creation Flow

  • Brainstorm and Mastermind the conception of your project
  • Learn tools for breaking through imposter/comparison  syndrome and limiting mindsets & beliefs
  • Ignite the creative flow and momentum with your project
  • Explore how to build your confidence and personal power
  • Learn how to balance hustle to be energetically sustainable
  • Create your project's unique Mission Statement
  • Understand your ideal customer/audience
  • Flow into creation - CREATE YOUR PROJECT

Week 4: Expand to Launch

  • Learn the best tools for an MVP launch
  • Create your plan to release your project
  • Build your mindset to stay focused and resilient
  • Fine-tune your project and messaging
  • Support one another with final feedback
  • Pull the trigger – it's launch time, baby!
  • Learn how to pivot and receive feedback from your customer
  • Integrate with the group and prepare next steps to continue building upon your progress
  • Takeoff time  - LAUNCH YOUR PROJECT

What You'll Get: 

  • A guided 4-week journey to create and launch your project 
  • Weekly videos and PDF workbooks to support you in each stage of the journey
  • Weekly Deep-Dive Workshops to guide you through ideation, creation, marketing, and launch
  • 2 Marketing Presentations per week, each by an expert in their field
  • Group Mentorship sessions with access to 8 marketing experts for group coaching and feedback
  • A monthlong Mastermind group (4-5 people) to stay accountable and work through blocks
  • Designated Slack channel for our Accelerator to connect, share wins, ideas, brainstorm, work through challenges, and support each other big time as we move through the journey to launch!
  • Group Launch Celebration – if there's anything that's better than completing a launch, it's doing it right alongside your soul Tribe of fellow creators – an epic celebration is vital!!

If you're ready to make your big SHIFT We invite you to join us!

Your Host

Your guide for the SHIFT Accelerator will be Kristen, a Transformational Life & Business Coach, Intuitive Strategist and Holistic Healer who’s expanded her business while working on the WiFi Tribe team. With 10 years of remote work experience in a variety of fields including freelance writing, web design, event planning, marketing, life/health coaching and yoga – she’s mastered the art of the hustle and brings an integrative, soul-centered approach to the creative and business-building process. 

Kristen will guide you through her holistic method of ideating, planning, creating, and launching your new project in a way that’s energizing, growth-centered,  and aligned with your purpose and passions. See more about Kristen here.

Your Co-Host

You've worked, laughed, and played with her before on many-a-chapter – and our much-loved Host Kat will be co-hosting SHIFT as our support guru! She'll be bringing her sunshiney spirit and heart of hustle to help  you stay focused, clear and motivated through this journey, and to support with the organizational aspects of the Accelerator. 

As such an essential and uplifting support system for our Tribe, Kat brings in her expertise in logistical support and her valuable presence and perspective to help you navigate the process of clarifying and creating your new project. 

Your Mentors

We will be bringing you a variety of guest mentors to teach on their areas of expertise – giving you a powerful toolkit of tried-and-true strategies from the best of the best in our Tribe.

  • Online course creation
  • SEO and content marketing
  • Automations in your business
  • Scaling up your side hustle into a full-time business
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing strategies
  • ...and more. 

Deep-Dive Trainings & Small Group Coaching

Every week, you'll receive teaching and mentoring from 2 guest mentors, each an expert in their field of business, mindset, marketing, and launch strategy. You'll learn from each mentor through a marketing presentation in their field of specialty, then break out into small group coaching so you can direct feedback on your project, and learn from the growth process of others in your group as well. 

Diego Bejarano Gerke

Marketing Strategy

WiFi Tribe Founder and marketing extraordinaire, Diego will guide you through the most important marketing pieces you need to have in your business toolkit.

Marisa Meddin

Mindset and Purpose

As a business and career coach, Marisa brings her expertise in helping people break through mindset blocks and craft work that's in line with their purpose.


Andre Crabb

Freelancing & Scaling

Serial entrepreneur Andre is a master of the shift, and will teach you how to scale your freelance projects and make effective pivots in your business.


Jeff Baker 

SEO Strategy

Jeff is an expert in both the cutting-edge SEO strategies which are so necessary to know, and in making this often-overwhelming topic practical and tangible for your business.

Tomas Laurinavicius

Content Marketing

Lifestyle blogger and content marketing consultant, Tomas will share the inside scoop on how to help your project thrive through the ever-valuable content channel.


Karol Lbik

Automations & Launch Prep

Our WiFi Tribe Operations guru, Karol lives and breathes automations and will help you set up systems and processes to streamline your project within your business and help your launch go seamlessly..

Lauren McManus

Email Marketing + Courses

Blogger and serial entrepreneur Lauren has created massive success with her online courses, and will bring all the marketing and content creation tools to help your project thrive.



We're finalizing our last marketing expert and will announce them shortly!

Hang out, grow, and collaborate with us on the inaugural SHIFT Acclerator!

The SHIFT Accelerator starts on Monday, 8th June!

How Much Does It Cost?

The price for the SHIFT Accelerator is $700.

Payment Plan options:

$300 deposit
$200 every 2 weeks

If you have chapter credits with us, we WILL apply your credit towards the Accelerator.

FYI - as this is the inaugural SHIFT Accelerator, we are currently pricing this immersion at about half of what the investment will be in the future. So if you're on the fence... now is a great time to jump in!

How Can I Join? 

If you're excited about creating something over the next month and are ready to jump in – we're so excited to have you!

Please fill in the brief form below to let us know more about yourself, and we'll see you soon inside SHIFT!

What Are The Dates For The SHIFT Accelerator?

The SHIFT Accelerator will run from:

Monday, 8 June to Friday, 3rd July


How is the SHIFT Accelerator different from a regular online chapter?

What are some examples of projects that can be created and launched in a month?

Am I really going to create and launch a new project in just a month?

Am I guaranteed to make money through this process?

Here's What People Have Said About Our Online Chapters:

I wanted to support the Tribe but the value of an online chapter wasn’t exactly clear to me until after the first Zoom meeting we had. I was smiling so hard the entire meeting and came off it feeling so energized... I didn’t realize that a Zoom call could bring me that much joy.

Amanda P.

I had never been on a chapter before, so I was excited – it seemed like exactly what I was looking for... just having people to talk to and keep me motivated throughout the day.... I wasn't expecting to get that community feel right away, but it was just instant.

Alyssa P.

Meet more of your Tribe

You'll meet some of the long-standing veterans, as well as several new faces. It's a great chance to get to know people you can travel with in the future!

There was a pretty interesting break-down of people... a third were WiFi Tribe staff, a third were really hardcore WiFi Tribe long-termers, and a third were new people. That's a really odd split that made a really good combination.

Andrew C

Work with great minds

The Tribe is full of talent and expertise and the new formats we've introduced make it easy for us to collaborate, share knowledge, and support each other.

Masterminds are super valuable cause you have people from all sorts of different industries, geographies, different opinions, different experiences. I think it’s a good way to share that knowledge 

Kelly B

Spice up your routine

With different sessions going on every day, there's something for everyone. Join a group to hold you accountable to form good habits and show up!

There is enough going on that you can be busy if you want to be or choose to just participate in what interests you. I prefer the business-stuff but some people prefer the fun stuff.

Lauren M