Want to know more about the Tribe? Don't just take it from us...

Here are what some of our members have to say about their experience!

What are the people like in WiFi Tribe?

"All the people I met were caring, fun, easy going and very professional. I appreciated everyone's willingness to come through for others in need and also share some expertise. The community was just what I had hoped, not cliquey, no big egos, just some really nice people who know how to work and have fun and plan awesome adventures together. I think that since the group of people is always changing, people are more open to meeting new people which is a good thing!"

– Kalei White

"Awesome. Just like me! I couldn't believe that you could find such awesome people to hang out with for the month. Makes you feel that you aren't the only one marching to your own beat and not wanting a desk life!"

– Samantha Wardman

"Every WiFi Triber I've met impresses me. The people part of this program are all geniuses in their own fields, and they're all willing to share their skills and resources. Add to that the fact that they're all like-minded adventurers with a thirst to explore every corner of this world, and they're my favorite kind of humans.

"They are responsible, intelligent, curious, independent and still community-minded world travelers who understand that there's so much to this life and, as such, are cultivating their own realities. WiFi Tribe feels like a family. I know I'll continue collecting passport stamps with a number of the members of this community, both with the tribe and on our own."

– Anna marie Houlis

"WiFi Tribe attracts all sorts of unique personalities. In any other hodgepodge of people, that might not work and could lead to problems, but with WiFi Tribe each person has the same zest for new experiences, love of travel, and warmth and their core that bonds everyone together. I feel very lucky to have met so many people with different quirks and ambitions who also share so many of my values."

– Monica Sweeney

"The Tribe has an unbelievable knack for finding awesome people. The people are what make the experience so great. Even with all of the different backgrounds and personalities, everybody meshed together really well and brought something unique to the table."

– Heather Kugel

"There are so many personalities! ...Many very independent people, many very driven, and confident people.I also have found so many fun-loving, adventure seeking people which is exactly what I was hoping for. I would say a majority of the people here know what they want but they want that family aspect around them and they want to build relationships because that's something that they were lacking before while traveling."

– Jen Ford

"The people were amazing! Everyone was a self-starter, on their game, smart and fun to be around. I couldn't have asked for a better group of friends." 
– Brian Chek

"We had a very diverse group in terms of personality and everyone was very friendly and open minded! Lots of people in tech related jobs. Everyone was super respectful of each other which I appreciated."

– Samantha Provenza

What is the work culture like on a chapter? 

“I tend to be more "work to live" rather than "live to work" and we had a nice mix. But everyone was serious about getting their work done and also having fun at the same time (which helps with focus).

– Scott Turner

"You have very concentrated workers who work alone for long hours and also people who prefer working with others in a casual environment. You can work from home or out of the house at a coffee shop or cowork so everyone is able to find the right work vibe for them."

– Kalei White

"Of course, when you're spending so much time with friends, you have to practice more discipline when it comes to getting work done. But because everyone here works and is pretty passionate about their work, WiFi Tribe makes for a rather work-conducive environment. We always have WiFi (and backups!), as well as a whole slew of intelligent people with whom to swap skills, resources and helping hands."

– Anna Marie Houlis

"Solid! This chapter was particularly dedicated and work-focused, but having late-night work parties made it feel like you were still enjoying each other's company while putting your nose to the grindstone."
 Monica Sweeney

"Work vibe was strong in a good way. People took their jobs seriously in a good way and when the work day was over, people were ready to hang. For those of us that could, it was fun to do morning activities before work."
 Stephanie Burke

"As serious as you want it to be. I loved that people focused Monday-Friday and yet we still had fun in the nights or worked from cafes during the day. It makes work more productive."

– Samantha Wardman

"We get shit done! Genuinely, work comes first for many tribers and co-working is consistently prevalent and encouraged. It's sad to go home and not have as many people to go sit and have your workday with."

– Kelly Quigley

What is the WiFi Tribe community like? 

"There's a strong sense of camaraderie and responsibility to one another amongst the tribe. There's an open-arms approach to each other in every situation, down to going out for a bite, planning a trip, or solving a problem."
– Monica Sweeney

"The community feeling is great! This past month has been amazing. People were all eager to jump in and plan something fun for the group, even the newbies."
– Scott Turner

"My favourite thing about WiFi Tribe is that dinner table conversations are so often about travel, business, and entrepreneurship, the things I'm passionate and excited about. These conversations would never happen with my friends at home!Everyone is similar enough that you can be sure you'll find some common ground with everyone, but different enough that you'll learn something from everyone too."

Jess Murray

"The main benefit of the tribe is having such a strong, close-knit community. It's great to always have somebody to accompany you for dinner, drinks, sporting events, hikes, activities, you name it! Very quickly your tribe becomes more like your family."

– Heather Kugel

"Welcoming & inclusive. I felt like I could strike up a conversation with anyone in the group. People showed up willing to be open to friendships & community."

- Michael Bayba

What sets WiFi Tribe apart from other similar groups/organizations?


"I had interviewed with a few similar companies, but what appealed most to me about WiFi Tribe was the flexibility it offered. I wanted something I could make my own rather than just feel like I was taking the 'easy route' and following a preset route.

My interview with Diego was much more conversational and casual than the other Skype interviews I had been apart of for other companies. I felt like he really just wanted the right people and it was more of a family feel than a company, which I loved.

It doesn't feel like I'm here as part of an organized group, it's more like I just managed to make all these friends on my own (which obviously I could not have done without WiFi Tribe) but I think that's a really great feeling to be able to capture with a group."
Jen Ford

"I've done Unsettled, and for me the main difference was that not everyone there was working, there was a divide (and major fomo) between us as 'the workers' and those going out and having fun every day. On WiFi Tribe I don't feel that pressure and fomo. Everyone is on the same page, understands the pressures of work, and is happy to keep adventures mostly to evenings and weekends."
– Jess Murray

"WiFi Tribe stands out from other programs because of the people involved (both staff and members). I can confidently join a new chapter knowing I will get along with everyone no problem, that it wont feel forced and I'll always feel accepted, that work will be taken seriously and yet we'll still have the best adventures whereas other programs maybe the people accepted aren't interviewed well enough. I don't have to worry with the tribe."

– Heather Butler

Learn More About What Happens on a WiFi Tribe Chapter From One of Our Veterans

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What were some of your favorite WiFi Tribe experiences? 


"My last chapter was Ecuador. I loved the family vibe we had in Montanita. We joined together daily to work on our sunny patio, intermixing laying out for a tan, running for fruit bowls and back into a call or meeting. The group in Ecuador was by far my favorite and I vocalized this several times. There were no egos, no queen bees, no popularity contests. The group had achieved an amazing level of harmony. Anyone could go grab lunch with anyone, knowing they were always wanted and welcomed."

– Heather Butler

Bocas was amazing - beautiful views, fun things to do, ATVing & surfing was a blast!

– Andrew Cross

"We had a tribal Tuesday talent show, and that was one of my favorite nights. We were able to get a lot of people together, learn a lot about each other and have some of the cutest singalongs ever."

– Jen Ford

The chilled vibe. Everything was easy and life seemed to slow down a little bit. Mostly enjoyed just hanging around with the others.

– Gerald Glassl

"Jumping off rocks into beautiful cenote waters, playing basketball on the courts across from our apartments, group yoga, finding a cafe where I became a regular over the course of the month, exploring pyramids in Coba, getting scuba-certified."

– Michael Bayba