meet the tribe

Who Is The Tribe?

We’re a curious bunch, passionate about life, and deeply motivated to grow, learn, and accomplish our dreams. But we also believe that the world is just too beautiful to live it all in one place. We call the world ‘home’, because home is where we feel we belong. For us, home is a tribe of freedom-loving misfits who embark on a journey together. It's here, where we can truly be ourselves.

Every strong community is built on a solid foundation of shared values. Here are ours:


There is never a good enough reason to treat others without it


The Tribe is an ego-free zone. There's just no space for big egos here


We look out for each other, grow together, and cheer for each others' successes


We crave to learn, create, and discover the new. Curious people make life exciting


We don't cruise through life, we live it fully and cherish every day


We celebrate each others' differences because they make the world colourful

400 Members  50 Nations  1 Family

400 Members
50 Nations
1 Family

With 400+ members who have joined the tribe so far, we thought the best way to give you an idea of who we are, is to show you who you'd be most likely to meet on a chapter. We're honoured to present some of our dearest friends – well, adopted family, really – and tribe 'regulars', who have made this way of life their way of life.

Alex + Lauren (USA)

Entrepreneurs + YouTubers

The sweethearts that we all look up to for healthy living, hustle and romance.

Andrea (Italy)


Every tribe needs an Andrea. He keeps our global family together like superglue

Christa (USA)

Business Dev + Marketer

All paths lead back to... Christa? Yes, somehow, everyone knows her and loves her

Wilhelm (Germany)


Downhill-biker by passion and a sharp business mind (with piercing blue eyes) by profession

Julia (Spain)

Software Engineer

If there is adventure to be had, Julia knows. And planned it. For everyone.

Lindsey (USA)


The one-woman-band-digital-nomad-startup-founder. Code, design + funding? No problem.

AndrÉ (Cuba/UK)

Software Engineer

André arrived on this earth with the uncanny ability to dance salsa to every beat

Leah (USA)

Business Development

If 'FOMO' had a face, it would be Leah's. We didn't even find a photo without other people in it

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