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Dreamers. Young at heart. Non-conformists. Restless adventurers - That's us!

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From introverts to extroverts; biz owners to marketers and software engineers; new digital nomads to seasoned ones and almost everything in between - we're a community who get each other. 

The reason? Each and every member of the Tribe was invited to join after completing a 4-step interview process, ensuring they share our vibe and can feel a sense of belonging within the community. 

That's why no matter where in the world we meet, the connections and chats we share feel meaningful (sometimes even leading to new joint businesses, marriages and babies!). We're free to be our authentic selves and are surrounded by people who value who we are on a deeper level - and it makes for crazy good vibes!

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Julie (USA)

Human Rights Lawyer

From representing refugees seeking safety to throwing an epic Tribe games day, Julie always makes an impact.

Julio (Canada)


Born in Peru, Julio is a driven self-starter who gets s*** done and makes the most of life while he's at it.

Lesley (South Africa)

Investment Advisory Lead 

She's warm, kind, and tons of fun to be around - Lesley always brings a smile and adventure-filled spirit.

Andrea (Italy)


He makes our bellies ache from laughter and keeps our global family together like superglue.

Giselle (USA)

Mental Health Coach & Nutritionist

She's kind-hearted and growth-orientated (from every angle), naturally inspiring us to be the same.

Qile (Canada)

Software Engineer

Qile is like a secret ingredient that makes make every room and conversation better! He's full of  positive energy.

Mike (USA)

Biz Owner

Mike feels most fulfilled living outside his comfort zone; he's always making plans to help the crew do the same.

Pia (Germany)

Copywiter, Content Manager & Translator

Pia is incredibly authentic. She makes us feel cared for and at home where ever she is - and we LOVE reading her novels!

Ryan (USA)

Ex-Civil Engineering Firm Owner 

He's a professional referee for motorcycle races and ex-professional drone pilot with a heart of gold!

Pam (Bolivia)

Project Manager

 Pam is like a big sister to many of us. She's always sharing tips  and making members visiting Bolivia feel welcome.

Snehita (USA)

Author & Ops Manager

Snehita adores exploring nature-filled places and thrill-seeking, but she loves community even more.

Andrew (Australia)

Support Engineer

Andrew  radiates kindness and brings so much depth to conversations - he's always looking after people around him.

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