COVID Guidelines and Procedures

Last updated May 11, 2021

These guidelines are continuously updated to best align with current medical guidelines and our experiences on the ground. As restrictions change country to country, please use these details as a guide for what to expect while on Chapter. They’re subject to change and may be altered during a Chapter if deemed necessary.

It’s an incredible privilege to continue travelling during the pandemic and with this privilege comes additional responsibilities to protect each other and the communities that welcome us. 

After running 15 Chapters during the pandemic, the following guidelines are a combination of our experiences to date and the current global restrictions. They’re meant to be a guide to minimize our risks of contracting and spreading Covid-19 as well as to create the right environment for a successful Chapter. As global guidelines change, we’ll continue to be agile in updating our internal policies at the same time. But at times, we may implement stricter measures in order to prioritize the safety of our members, team, and local communities.

We hope these policies and guidelines will create the most comfortable Chapter environment for every member. 

The Activity Test

To help members navigate the landscape of what activities are COVID  safe whilst on a Chapter there are two avenues. The first (and preferred option) is open communication within the group and mutually agreeing on which activities are safe and which puts the group at risk.

The second avenue is the Activity Test. We’ve put four questions together that can be used as a guide for above discussions. If the answer to all questions below is “yes”, the activity would pass the test. 

The Activity Test:

  1. Can I wear a mask?
  2. Can I socially distance myself at least 2m between other participants?
  3. Is it in an open, well-ventilated area?
  4. Will less than 50 people be in attendance?

If a member participates in an activity that doesn’t pass the above test, the member must self isolate for 5 days and present a negative PCR test before rejoining the Chapter and the Chapter accommodations. 

Irrespective of an activity’s eligibility, WiFi Tribe reserves the right to ask a member to self isolate and/or take a PCR test if they reasonably believe the activity may jeopardize the health and safety of the broader group. 

Forbidden Activities, Behaviors, and Their Consequences

There are three forbidden activities and behaviors that apply to all members attending the Chapter. 

  1. You can not bring external visitors to the Chapter accommodations. This includes any non-Chapter members so Bonus Tribing is not currently allowed. External visitors also mean dates, family, or friends who may be in the same city as the Chapter.
  2. You can not break any local regulations or restrictions. This includes strongly enforced country-specific regulations like curfews, purchasing alcohol outside of approved times, etc.
  3. You can not attend large gatherings of 50+ people. Whether or not a country restricts large gatherings, members can not attend an event with more than 50 people in attendance on any Chapter.

If any member engages in these behaviors, they may be removed from the Chapter at their own cost and may not receive any refunds. We also reserve the right to remove the member from the community entirely.

Activities and behaviors not covered above which put the group, as well as local community, in unnecessary danger will face consequences depending on the severity. We'll be following a 2 strike system which could ultimately result in the removal from the Chapter and the community.

In general, our process is:

Break the rules 1 time

The Chapter Host will speak with the member to address the importance of these guidelines, how their behavior negatively impacts the group, and what needs to change.

Break the rules 2 times

The member will receive an official warning.

Break the rules 3 times

The member may be automatically removed from the Chapter. At their own cost, they must leave the accommodations and will not receive any refunds. We also reserve the right to remove the member from the community entirely.

Covid-19 Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

At the commencement of every trip, the group will meet to develop and decide on a set of internal guidelines as a community. These guidelines will shape our behavior for the trip so that every participant feels safe and comfortable. 

Governments and countries around the globe are struggling to agree on guidelines and procedures. WiFi Tribe is not a scientific or medical organization and will do the utmost best to find a balance between protecting the communities that we travel to, ensuring freedom and minimizing financial burdens for our members. We will err on the side of caution to do the right thing.

Before Chapter FAQs

Where do WiFi Tribe's Covid-19 Procedures come from?

Our COVID health procedures are based on the advice and guidelines published by a number of reputable sources such as the WHO, CDC, RKI and other international scientific and medical bodies which we then adapt to fit our Chapter needs.

We will always follow all local protocols first and then rely on our internal procedures if the local guidelines do not specifically address an issue we’re experiencing.


Are members required to take a PCR test to attend a Chapter?

Members who are not fully vaccinated are required to take a PCR test no more than 96 hours before the start of a Chapter and cover the associated cost. All negative results should be sent  to the Chapter Host via email before arrival. 

If a member arrives in the Chapter country more than 96 hours before the start of the Chapter, they must take another PCR test and receive negative results before entering the Chapter premises.

Why must I present a negative PCR test is the country doesn't require it?

It’s a privilege to travel during COVID and we want to do everything in our power to protect each other and local communities. Even if a country doesn’t require a negative PCR test, we believe it’s still the best way to ensure we’re doing our part in stopping the spread of COVID and creating a comfortable space for members joining a Chapter.


What happens if my PCR test to join the Chapter is positive?

While you will not be able to join the Chapter until a negative PCR test can be presented, there are options to consider should you test positive and aren’t able to join a Chapter:

  1. If the spot can be filled with another member last minute, the affected member would be eligible for a partial refund. 
  2. The member  can join the Chapter once they have completed their quarantine and received a negative PCR result. 
  3. The affected member can request a Chapter credit equal to 50% of the Chapter cost if they decide not to join the Chapter at all


What does "fully vaccinated" mean?

The individual received the final vaccine dose (in most cases 2 are required) no earlier than 14 days ago.


During Chapter FAQs

What happens if someone feels unwell or presents COVID symptoms?

We will first follow all local protocols and use our internal guidelines where necessary.

If using our internal guidelines, the affected member will immediately inform the Chapter Host of their symptoms and isolate them from the rest of the group. The Chapter Host will help arrange a PCR test as soon as possible and provide transparent, clear, and speedy updates to the rest of the group.

The rest of the group will social distance and follow recommended sanitary measures until more information is known as long as they remain asymptomatic. If any additional members begin displaying symptoms, they’ll immediately self isolate. 


What happens if someone tests positive for COVID?

The ill member will continue to self-isolate from the broader group and inform the Chapter Host of their test results. The Chapter Host will provide transparent, clear, and speedy updates to the rest of the group.

All members who aren’t fully vaccinated or have not had COVID within the past 90 days will immediately self-isolate and take a PCR test on the 5th day after their last contact with the ill member.

All members who are fully vaccinated or have had COVID within the past 90 days will not be expected to self-isolate or take an additional PCR test only if they remain asymptomatic. 


Do members who test positive remain on the Chapter premises?

The ill member will immediately be isolated from the broader group after exhibiting symptoms. The ill member may be permitted to quarantine on the Chapter premises only if our accommodations have adequate private space and a private bathroom and there’s limited access to food delivery or necessary services in the surrounding area. 

If the ill member can not isolate in the Chapter accommodations, they will quarantine in separate housing at their own cost.  

What if a member tests positive and is staying in a shared room? 

We will cover the costs of new accommodations for healthy members sharing a room with an ill member for a maximum of 48 hours. This will give us time to disinfect the shared Chapter accommodations and move the ill member to separate space to  quarantine.


Who pays for the medical expenses?

All medical expenses, including but not limited to the PCR tests, medical visits, and transportation to external accommodations, are the sole responsibility of the ill member.

Other non-ill members may be asked to complete additional PCR tests should someone test positive while on Chapter, these testing costs will also be covered by members.

We strongly encourage all Chapter participants to acquire health insurance that covers COVID expenses prior to attending any Chapter. 


Who searches and pays for the isolation and quarantine costs?

When necessary, it’s the ill member’s responsibility to research, secure, and cover all costs associated with their isolation and quarantine. After receiving a positive test result, the ill member must find and secure new accommodations outside of the Chapter premises for the safety of the group. The Chapter Host may aid in finding new accommodations but WiFi Tribe is not responsible for providing housing for the ill member’s quarantine. 

The ill member must also cover the expenses related to transportation to the new accommodations, food, and any other quarantine-related expenses unless otherwise specified by the local authorities.


However, if the ill member is in a shared room and we cannot provide a separate room for the healthy roommate, we will cover their accommodations for a maximum of 48hours. This allows us time to relocate the ill member and properly disinfect the shared room before the healthy roommate returns to the Chapter premises.

In the unlikely event that the majority of members on the Chapter test positive and agree to stay in the Chapter accommodations, all healthy members will be moved to new accommodations. Rather than the ill members paying for new accommodations for themselves, they will cover the costs associated with relocating the healthy members.

When can members who test positive for COVID on Chapter leave quarantine?

Given the member does not present persevering serious covid symptoms such as high fever, the following options for release from quarantine are available:

  • Present a negative PCR test result taken no less than 7 days after quarantine period starts
  • Present a negative antigen test result taken no less than 10 days after quarantine period starts
  • Wait 14 days from when quarantine period started

What if a member feels unsafe and decides to leave?

While we will take preventative measures to help make every member feel comfortable while on Chapter, all members have the right to leave the Chapter and accommodations at any time. However, we do not cover any relocation or repatriation costs or provide Chapter refunds. 


What if a member refuses to follow the COVID Health Procedures?

Failing to comply with any of the COVID Health Procedures results in immediate expulsion from the Chapter. We also reserve the right to remove the member from the community entirely.


I have a complaint about the COVID procedures or how a specific situation was handled while on Chapter. Who can I contact?

We continuously review the guidelines published by scientific and medical bodies such as the WHO and CDC. In our guidelines, we also consider additional factors that affect the welfare of the entire group in combination with our Chapter experiences to date. Our protocols may go against your individual wishes or short term freedoms for the greater good of the Chapter and local communities. If you have a complaint about a specific guideline or how a situation is being handled on Chapter, please send an email to hello@wifitribe.co


If you'd like to discuss anything further, you can email us at hello@wifitribe.co.