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Italian ALPs

Jan 18 - Jan 25, 2025

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We are heading back to the mountains to reunite with our Tribe friends! And more importantly, we're heading back to Livigno in 2025 because in 2026 the Winter Olympics move to town and we'll no longer have our secret gem of a ski resort!

If you've been thinking of visiting a snow-sure destination with a high altitude and the best snow this is your sign!

Unplugged adventures are all about our reunion; seeing familiar faces while taking an intentional break from work to reconnect and reminisce about the wild days of the Tribe. It's a chance to keep in touch with old friends a few times a year and stay plugged into the community, even when we're no longer fully nomadic and able to join month-long Chapters. Living our daily lives together is beyond compare, now imagine us in vacation mode.

A holiday with old friends, are you in?

I just loved being able to get to know new Tribers, banding together and dancing, eating together, and exploring together. Learning how to ski can be hard, so there is nothing better to have others hold you accountable and cheer you on! :) - Triber, Elektra

Reunite with the Old Pals in the Snow

Let's get cozy again and spend a week in the mountains. Nestled in the heart of the Italian Alps, Livigno is a dynamic fusion of alpine beauty and cutting-edge amenities. Its snow-covered slopes offer a playground of diverse terrains, catering to all skill levels for skiers and boarders alike. After carving through pristine powder by day, we'll return home to relax in our cozy apartments, enjoying hearty meals, sipping hot chocolate - and crafting an unforgettable Tribe experience together.

Get Your Freestyle on in Snow Parks

Livigno has snow parks and terrain parks for snowboarders and freestyle skiers. They feature jumps, rails, and other obstacles - perfect for some freestyle action.

Powder it up on a Fat Bike

Try fat biking on the snow-covered trails around Livigno. You can rent fat bikes in town for a unique and exhilarating winter adventure.

Go Cross-Country Skiing

Explore the beautiful winter landscapes on cross-country skiing trails. Livigno has over 30 kilometers of groomed cross-country tracks.

To Ski or Aprés-Ski - That Is the Question 

Livigno has a vibrant après-ski scene. After a day on the slopes, relax and socialize at one of the many bars, pubs, or restaurants in town.

Zoom Zoom Zoom on a Snowmobile

Take a guided snowmobile tour through the snowy landscapes of Livigno. It's an adrenaline-pumping way to experience the winter scenery.

Walk in a Winter Wonderland in Snowshoes

Strap on a pair of snowshoes and venture into the pristine snow-covered forests and mountains. It's a peaceful way to experience the winter wilderness.

Disclaimer: Some of the pictures are from our Unplugged ski week adventures in Saint Lary and Val Thorens as well as last year's Unplugged in Livigno.

2023 Unplugged with the Tribe

Our Home in Livigno

Snow-capped roofs and mountains make up the backdrop of this magical wonderland: Livigno. It’s a charming ski resort located in the region of Lombardy, Italy, near the Swiss border. Livigno is situated at a relatively high altitude for Europe, with its main area ranging from about 1,800 to 3,000 meters (5,900 to 9,800 feet) above sea level. This elevation contributes to excellent snow conditions during the winter months and draws in many beginner and pro-skiers from around the globe.

The Livigno ski area offers approximately 115 kilometers (about 71 miles) of ski slopes. You can find more information about the ski resort on the official resort website.

10 min walk or you can take the free bus

Ski chalet - 5 apartments all in the same building 

Up to 18 members that have completed at least 1 Chapter

Up to 20 mpb

Overall I absolutely loved the experience! Even though I wasn't a pro skier or snowboarder. The accommodations were just perfect, and it was great being together with everyone. - Triber, Elektra


We have 5 modern apartments all in the same building with some really comfy communal areas. We also have a bus stop directly outside our front door. 

We have 1 heated ski and boot locker room, comfortable living and dining room, token-operated washing and drying machine, parking, and a kitchen equipped with a dishwasher, fridge/freezer, kettle, coffee-machine, oven, microwave oven, crockery, plates, glasses, and a satellite TV. There is also a lift in the building. 

There are upgrades available in the form of private rooms with a small desk, and chair.

Note: We don't have the full building to ourselves. There is one other apartment like ours in the chalet, so there will be other people around. But we'll have all the privacy within our apartments.

We're close to a spa if you fancy a relaxing day off!

Good to Know

We're repeating this Unplugged destination because it's super snow-sure! Also, in the next year (2026) the Snowboard and Freestyle competitions of the Milan-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics will be hosted in Livigno and it's expected that not only prices will increase but the overall popularity of the resort will increase which might mean we don't have another chance to book the same home. 

For information on getting to Livigno visit this website or check the FAQs down below.

Resort passes cost can be purchased ahead of time online.

Visit the ski resort webpage for more information.

The bus stop that takes us to the slopes is only 30 meters from the chalet. The service is free and it’s available every 10 to 15 minutes. The closest ski lift stop is 30 minutes away. 

Join Us in Livigno

Unplugged adventures are about reuniting with old friends. It's a week-long intentional break from the day-to-day to disconnect from work and reconnect with the Tribe. Members who have joined Chapters before and intimately understand what being a Triber is all about will thrive most on Unplugged adventures.

Booking priority will be given to Veterans, Citizens, and Nomads – find out which one you are here.

Jan 18 - Jan 25, 2025

Private room upgrade (with small desks): $1,550

Private room: $1,450

Shared spot ( 2-person rooms): $850

Shared spot ( 3-person rooms): $690

Open to current WiFi Tribe members only.

Not a member? Apply here

A few spots are set aside to build a more balanced community on the ground, with a mix of genders, nationalities, ethnicities, and member experience levels. All shared rooms are between 2 or 3 people of the same self-identified gender.

Not a Travel Program, a Community

We live, explore, and build our community together.

Embracing openness and curiosity, as a Tribe, we explore new places and ideas.

Do Life Together

We build relationships to last...the rest of our lives. Retirement-Tribe anyone?

Cocreate the Adventure

Discover how different travel feels when the experience is cocreated and shared as a Tribe.

Reignite Your Work

Realize your goals and dreams knowing you have the world's best cheerleaders in your corner.

Unplugged FAQs

Find answers about Unplugged below:

Payment & cancellation deadlines for Unplugged Adventures

Secure your Unplugged Ski week booking with a deposit, full payments are due 12 weeks before the Unplugged Adventure begins.

Unplugged Adventure payments:

  • Booking requests are secured with a $300 deposit and will receive a link to finalize your booking to pay the full Unplugged Adventure fee
  • The final full payment is due 12 weeks prior to the Unplugged Adventure starting. (Note: this means you’ll have from the time of booking until 12 weeks out to submit the full Unplugged Adventure payment)
  • If your full payment is not received 12 weeks before the Unplugged Adventure start date, your spot will be given to the next person on the waitlist
  • Bookings made less than 12 weeks before the Unplugged Adventure start date will pay the full Unplugged Adventure price at booking

Unplugged Adventure cancellations:

Once the full Unplugged Adventure payment is paid, the following cancellation policy applies:

  • You have a 48-hour grace period to cancel a trip booking and not forfeit your deposit. If a booking is cancelled within 48 hours, the deposit will be released for a future trip.
  • Cancelling 10+ weeks before arrival: 100% refund of the trip payment. Your deposit is forfeited if you didn’t cancel within the 48-hour grace period. Otherwise, the deposit is released for a future booking.
  • Cancelling 6-10 weeks before arrival: 50% refund of the trip payment. Your deposit is forfeited if you didn’t cancel within the 48-hour grace period. Otherwise, the deposit is released for a future booking.
  • Cancelling less than 6 weeks before arrival: No refund and the deposit is forfeited if you didn’t cancel within the 48-hour grace period. Otherwise, the deposit is released for a future booking.

Closest airport and transportation information

Closest airports: 

  • Milano Bergamo (BGY) - 180 km
  • Milano Linate (LIN) - 210 km
  • Innsbruck Airport (INN) - 225 km

In the Chapter's Slack channel before arrival, members often coordinate transportation to our homes together. You'll receive the address and other relevant information closer to the start of the ski week post completed payment.

COVID related FAQs and Policies

See our COVID guidelines and procedures here.

What kind of insurance do I need?

Whether you're an experienced rider or new to the slopes, consider travel insurance that includes added protection for adventure activities. Things like:

  • Trip protection against weather-related incidents that cause trip cancellations or delays
  • Gear protection to protect yourself against theft, lost or damaged equipment
  • Emergency medical insurance and emergency evacuation to cover any accidents on the slopes

What is Unplugged?

Unplugged adventures are about reuniting with old friends. It's a week-long intentional break from the day-to-day to disconnect from work and reconnect with the Tribe.

It's a chance for us to keep in touch with old friends a few times a year and stay plugged into the community, even when we're no longer fully nomadic and able to join month-long Chapters.

That's why, for these adventure weeks, we're looking for members who have joined Chapters before and intimately understand what being a Triber is all about.

Why did we choose skiing and snowboarding as a Unplugged adventure?

We're a group that loves to ski and snowboard, members have self organized their own ski weeks with fellow Tribers, so we want to help take it a step further. There's magic to renting out an entire chalet for cozy community hangs and bonding over a shared passion with people with whom we already feel close. 

How is Unplugged different from a Chapter?

Chapters have a focus on productivity with the expectation that everyone will log on to work Monday-Friday. Unplugged is a time to... well, unplug. 

Set up an out of office message and take off days from work, these week-long adventures are a holiday as a Tribe. We won't be working during the week, instead all of our focus will be on the adventure and the intention of getting even closer by sharing an epic experience. 

Is there wifi at our accommodations?

Since this is a chance to unplug from our daily work schedules, we aren't specifically sourcing accommodations for their wifi reliability and speeds. We also won't have the backup MiFi devices on the ground or other supportive tech gear.

During Unplugged adventures, our accommodations might have wifi but it's not a given!

Find answers about the resort and Livigno below:

Which resorts are nearby? What are the difficulty levels?

Livigno has two main ski areas: Carosello on the western side of the valley and Mottolino on the eastern side

Carosello is the largest ski area with two main gondola lifts going up: the Carosello gondola from the southern part of Livigno and Cassana from the north side of the town. All Carosello slopes are connected, so you can always ski down to either Carosello or Cassana. There are slopes for every level in this area. Most of them are beginner-friendly, but advanced skiers will also find the occasional black slope. 

Mottolino has one gondola line going up here on the eastern side of Livigno. This ski area something for everyone, but there are more options for advanced skiers. The area has a part with only black slopes, so be aware that not everything is beginner-friendly here.

View and download the resort map here

How do I get to Livigno

Getting to Livigno by car

From Milan: You pass Lecco and Bormio, and drive across Valtellina and via Passo del Foscagno.

From Central Europe, you follow the Passo del Gallo (Tunnel Munt la Schera) that is open all year round. It connects Livigno with Switzerland via Pass dal Fuorn, and with Val Monastero.

Once you arrive in Livigno, you need to turn in the direction of via Pontiglia, take Via Li Pont, Via dalla Chiesa, and finally via Olta in the direction of Via Campacc.

Getting to Livigno by air + bus

If you're coming by air, here's a service that offers bus transfer from the closest surrounding international airports Milano Bergamo (BGY), Milano Linate (LIN), and Innsbruck Airport (INN). 

Is a ski pass included in the Ski Week price?

A ski pass is not included in the trip price because everyone will likely have a different agenda in the Italian Alps. Some will take the first lift up the mountain and be the last ones down, while others indulge in the many other winter activities on offer here.

Resort passes cost from €60 pp for a 1-day pass (or €300 for 6 days) and can be purchased ahead of time online.

Can I rent equipment at the resort or in Livigno?

There are a variety options for equipment hire, either at the resorts or in the village. You can rent gear and warm clothes for example and the closest ski rental to the chalet is David's Rental Cassana. It's an 8 minute walk from the chalet. There are also many more options for ski rental in Livigno

I don't want to ski or snowboard, can I still join the trip?

Of course! Livigno offers a variety of winter activities and a bustling small village to fill your time. Try fat bike trails, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or snowmobile tours to experience the Italian Alps without hitting the slopes.  

Make it a Journey

Create connections with more members or meet up with old friends by booking back-to-back Chapters.

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