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Join us to travel the world – one month at a time – with a tribe of inspiring online professionals.

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What's So Different about our Tribe?

You're curios about co-living around the world and you want to know which community is the right one for you? Every program focuses on different things. Start by thinking about what's important to you, then compare to find your best fit. Here's what sets us apart:

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As Diverse as the United nations

Imagine exploring the world side-by-side with people of all nationalities. In 2017/our last chapters we’ve had a 70% nationality balance – for every 10 Tribers, there were 7 different nationalities represented. With the Tribe, you will see not just one country at a time, but each country from the perspective of a dozen different cultures and nationalities. Our favourite chapters have been those with the most international diversity


Tight-knit like a Family

We limit our chapter size to 25 members for a good reason; there’s a breaking point when it comes to Tribes. When the group gets too big, cliques form – welcome back to high school – and when this happens, you loose the tight-knit feeling of a strong community. And that’s what matters most to us.

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More Flexible than a Yogi

This year, you can join the Tribe in 26 locations across five continents... more coming soon! You choose where to go, how long to travel, and when to hop on or off. We get it. You can plan a year in advance, but you can’t predict the future; weddings, business trips, important family events, or that month that you spontaneously decide to travel solo to visit friends… This lifestyle is all about freedom. Let’s keep it that way.

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"the WiFi Tribe by far has the best community"

"LOVE THESE GUYS!!! I've tried out a couple of co-living experiences so far, and they each provided their own unique benefits, but the WifiTribe by far has the best community and has made me feel the most at home when I travel... They know how to select a SOLID group of people, and that's what is most important. I've been on 3 chapters with these guys, and I can't wait for the next one!!" - Lauren M.

"everyone comes from different places... but with the same core values"

"What is really unique is that everyone comes from different places in the world and in life, but with everyone having the same core values it creates a truly remarkable experience. I really appreciated how supportive the group was, the creativity, the comradery both while working and when off the clock, the killer dance moves, their openness and willingness to try new things, and how much they made me laugh." - Leah B.

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"people were genuine, kind, funny, inclusive and serious about their work"

Everyone was genuine, kind, funny, and honest which facilitated a very inclusive group. Despite coming from different career/industry backgrounds people were serious about their work. I also appreciated that the organizers made an effort to make sure no one was feeling ostracized yet keeping a healthy distance to let people make their own choices. - Kris A.


Recent Highlights:

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