Remote FastTrack Sweden

Kickstart your location independent journey with two free coaching sessions from remote work experts, Diego Bejarano Gerke and Yasmine Åkermark 


What if it was possible to have it all -

travel, build your career, and feel like you belong, wherever you are in the world?...

Diego Bejarano Gerke, co-founder of WiFi Tribe, and Yasmine Åkermark, co-founder of Svenska Digitala Nomader are two professionals that have proven this is possible. They’ve both redesigned their lives around location-independence, enabling them to build thriving careers whilst living anywhere in the world.

Now they want to help an aspiring remote professional kick-start their own location independent journey by offering two free coaching sessions. In the coaching session you’ll be able cover any of the following topics: 

  • How to become location independent as a Swede
  • How to negotiate a remote position with your current boss
  • How to start a successful remote business 
  • How to manage your current business remotely
  • How to scale your freelance business

Meet Your Mentors


Diego Bejarano Gerke

Diego has personally interviewed more than 1000 remote professionals. That's more than 750 hours, and along the way he's noticed a few common themes...

Humans all want to belong. Most of us want to grow professionally. And many of us are driven to explore the world. But often, these things don't go together. No matter how confident you feel about travelling, most will come to an inevitable point of social burnout - a feeling of hollowness from meeting a turnstile of new people who leave your life as quickly as they enter.

So, can you have it all? Travel, build your career, and feel like you belong? Well, that's the mission he dedicated himself to. And the result is WiFi Tribe - a community of 700 location independent professionals who travel and work together in 40 locations across the globe.

Yasmine Åkermark

Yasmine Åkermark 

Yasmine was a digital nomad long before she even heard the expression. At 6 months old, her mother placed her on an elephant in India. Since then she's visited more than 100 countries and lived as a digital nomad in 10 of them - from Argentina, Malaysia to Hungary! 

Work-wise Yasmine has run several businesses, some more successful than others - you live and you learn. She sold her first business, and after that she jumped right into founding an app which she launched in the Middle East and Indonesia. Currently she runs Svenska Nomader with her co-founders whilst she also works as a digital strategist. 

Today she splits her time between Sweden and New York. Last year she spent a few months in Mexico and she'll be in Costa Rica at the end of 2019.

How to apply...

We're offering one aspiring remote professional the chance to win two coaching sessions to help kick-start their location independent journey. To enter, click "Apply" and complete the application, telling us what winning would mean to you. A jury from WiFi Tribe & Svenska Nomader will pick the winner with the strongest application. 

Applications close at 11:59pm (CET) on 29th December 2019
Winner will be announced by the 15th January 2020

About Wifi Tribe

WiFi Tribe is an invite-only community of remote professionals that have been travelling, working and living together for the past 3 years. Every month, we choose a different city to call home and we invite passionate, wild and ego-free remote professionals from all corners of the world to join us. Apply to join our global coliving adventure at wifitribe.co

About Svenska Nomader

Svenska Nomader is Sweden's largest community for digital nomads. The community consists of more than 15,000 people who live as digital nomads across the world, aspiring nomads, and also nomads who left Stockholm and moved up to Norrland in the North of Sweden. On their platform they discuss remote work, the gig economy, future of work, travel destinations, digital tools, and much more. In the summer of 2019, Svenska Nomader launched a job platform where members can find remote jobs and freelance work - making it easier for Swedes to work and live remotely! Find out more at  www.svenskanomader.se